Dusa Fishing | Realistic Hook, New World Minigame, Zone System, Custom Models




  • Realistic rope throw & pull physics
  • New world inspired minigame
  • Minigame where you can adjust the casting strength and distance
  • Custom prop for each fish specy
  • Custom rod types depends on your fishing level
  • Increase your experience with tasks
  • Fish everywhere, but restrict certain types to designated areas
  • Use different baits according to your level, and enhance the quality of your catch with the baits you use
  • Illegal fishing with illegal bait
  • 2 different type normal bait, shrimp lure for better fishes
  • Configure everything, restrict any fish specy, restrict any area, change all chances and create new custom tasks

Compatibilities & Configuration

  • Script is working for QBCore / ESX, you don’t have to configure framework. It will automatically integrate itself depends on your base. So that means, you can start this script without doing anything extra!

  • You don’t have to use any other script to run this script.

  • All configurations are completely clear and enough for average customer who don’t know how to coding.

  • This script is written with reactjs, completely optimized at backend and using caching method.



Code is accessible Partially
Subscription-based :x:
Lines (approximately) 1500+
Requirements ox_lib
Support :heavy_check_mark:

This is the best Fishing script i’ve ever seen good job again and again

looks sick. makes me wish i expanded my new world fishing more


Lookslike nice!

Dusa always made the most beautiful systems

beautiful design and idea :partying_face:

Advanced fishing scripts, abundant props, UI nice!:tada::tada:

Very nice :heart:

Nice one and clean UI


new amazing fishing script

:hushed: The best Fishing scipt with amazing UI. I love it :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

looks very good :slight_smile:

nice work

nice script and hope you have soon more scripts like this.

Great Work

Very nice script i love the desing, nice work good job :fire:

The best fishing script there is . Keep the good work

This is the best Fishing script out right now. i been waiting for this not gone lie.

I love this script :star_struck: