Dusa Police MDT | Advanced Tablet, Cameras, Live Map



  • This MDT including very many features inside it to increase gameplay experience for legal departments.
  • UI is optimized and very smooth, no FPS drop.
  • Backend is well optimized and using custom cache system written by us. It does not occupy your game server with unnecessary database queries.
  • Dynamic stats, chatting, graphic to analyze recent crimes
  • Add notes, reports, evidences for each player. Mark as wanted or remove.
  • Many housing, jailing, billing scripts are integrated, you dont have to think about it. No extra work for you.
  • Manage vehicles, add notes, set as wanted or not.
  • Check all online, offline officers. Check their profiles and learn more about them.
  • Create incidents with many details, take photos or paste URL’s. Tag citizens who involved with.
  • Create evidences to keep some datas for other officers as officially.
  • Give or revoke licenses
  • Create forms, create announcements and inform other officers.
  • Use live map to notify officers for emergencies.
  • Create new ones, write explanations to keep officers aware of commands, one of the department’s go-to rules
  • Create custom fines, tag these fines to player and charge them. (Statistics of fines are reflected in graphs)
  • This script have really comprehensive camera system. Check all of them from cameras section, place new cameras to new locations. Or if you are not a police, hack them to make things harder for cops
  • Built-in mugshot, photos are automatically changes for the player on MDT. Follow all mugshots from archive.
  • Drag & drop to install

Compatibilities & Configuration

  • Script is working for QBCore / ESX, you don’t have to configure framework. It will automatically integrate itself depends on your base. So that means, you can start this script without doing anything extra!

  • You don’t have to use any other script to run this script.

  • All configurations are completely clear and enough for average customer who don’t know how to coding.

  • Script front-end & back-end is well optimized and smooth to maximize player experience.



Code is accessible Partially
Subscription-based :x:
Lines (approximately) 4500+
Requirements ox_lib
Support :heavy_check_mark:

Best of fivem :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

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The beasts well done again

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Wow, for the first time, a choice that truly reflects the police theme has been made in an MDT design. I appreciate gj

Stats thing seems great nice

thank you sir

is camera locations are stored in data?

its keeping data on json files sir

Having alot of issues. Uploaded the MDT, launch server and type /mdt and i get a json error. the person has the MDT in hand but there is no screen that pops up. It does state that there is a missing item in client side. Discord ticket system is full. Please help. Need to get this up and going.

we shared a update about it you can use the other channels from ticket

Dusa, do you consider adding everything you would need for a policejob in your mdt job, like origen would do?

yes we are workingg on itt

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SQL that was included in the pack was for QB and nothing for ESX

its for both sir if you are having trouble with installation you can check our docs.