Dusa Mechanic | Job Management, Tunerchip, Craft



  • Customize your vehicle with most detailed choices
  • Boss menu for each mechanic, manage employees, edit which rank access any feature of menu. Kick anyone or hire. Set discount rate for parts, set fees, edit name. In short, edit anything you want.
  • Usable tuning tablet to change vehicle mode, customize realtime handling, enable neons and xenons
  • Synced neons + xenons, choose any color and animate them
  • Advanced craft system to create rare items (plate, nitrous, spray)
  • Repair tyres, clean vehicle and repair engine with unique minigames
  • Dynamic car lift
  • Tow truck with menu
  • Customize vehicle wheels, edit camber & offset
  • Highly detailed, maximizing gameplay experience
  • Smooth, optimized menu (vuejs based)
  • 0.0ms at any case, no client-side usage. Server-side is completely optimized
  • Supporting 6 different language (If you want you can add yours) -
    Supported languages > EN/DE/TR/ES/FR/IT

Compatibilities & Configuration

  • Script is working for QBCore / ESX, you don’t have to configure framework. It will automatically integrate itself depends on your base. So that means, you can start this script without doing anything extra!

  • You don’t have to use any other script to run this script.

  • All configurations are completely clear and enough for average customer who don’t know how to coding.

  • Script front-end & back-end is well optimized and smooth to maximize player experience.



Code is accessible Partially
Subscription-based :x:
Lines (approximately) 3000+
Requirements PolyZone
Support :heavy_check_mark:

This is what I call quality :fire:


for this crafting system how much time you guys needed ?
Always making a script in best quality keep this good work guys and we’ll buy it .


Impressive work on these scripts! The mechanic job management and tunerchip crafting features bring depth to the rp, showcasing attention to detail and versatility. This combination stands out, offering exciting opportunities for RP and community interaction. The attention to detail and commitment to creating an immersive experience are noteworthy. Overall, it’s a well-crafted script that enhances individual and community gameplay. Well done to the developers for delivering a sophisticated and high-quality gaming experience! :clap::+1: :heart_eyes:


Thank you so much for nice comment

it didnt take long =) Thanks for your nice comment

Thank you so much for your nice comment

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this crafting screen is very creative idea for real good job dusa always keeping the best products

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Will you release craft separately? I love it

Sure with weapon,food and the other things just planning on the near future.

Dusa, I really enjoy following your dev paths into the FiveM world. Even though I’m not a fan of changing everything through a menu, your attention to details and your willingness to bring everything into a complete complex system is amazing. Keep up the good work, friend.

The only thing that motivates us is yours valuable comments. Thank you very much <3

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open source?

you can open a ticket about it.

i just saw thissssss , super awsome, but missed 40% discount , any other discount coming ?

we dont think about this near future.