[Discontinued] Advanced Car Hud System (9/14/2017) v2

In game Photo


Version 2



What is new?

  • Easy to edit
  • Now you can move whole UI
  • Damage system fix
  • Choose between kmp or mph from script

Config preview
local HUD = {
	Speed 			= 'mph', -- kmh or mph

	DamageSystem 	= false, 

	SpeedIndicator 	= true,

	ParkIndicator 	= false,

	Top 			= true, -- ALL TOP PANAL ( oil, dsc, plate, fluid, ac )

	Plate 			= true, -- only if Top is false and you want to keep Plate Number


-- move all ui
local UI = { 

	x =  0.000 ,	-- Base Screen Coords 	+ 	 x
	y = -0.001 ,	-- Base Screen Coords 	+ 	-y





Credits: Thank you @Kanersps for Basic UI, was a good example for me.


Saw your post on Discord, looks great! Can’t wait to give it a try :wink:

Thank you, I appreciate it :relaxed:

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Workings amazing. Can you do MPH one as well.

Yes, wait
EDIT: Done.

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WOW! This looks great! Nice work @FoxXXL!

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Looks interesting. I’m downloading the MPH version and will try it now.

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i love it :wink: great job works pretty well too i like how the speedo is not too oversized

Loving it! Nice addon would be to display the streetname as well.

Great Jobs again :wink:

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Great work, just wondering would it be possible to hide the hud when the minimap is large/hidden?

You could use BOOL _IS_MINIMAP_AREA_REVEALED(float x, float y, float radius) to check if the minimap is extended (as the extended minimap shows more of the area).

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I tried uninstalling it but it still appears, I removed it from my resources, cleared cache, but its still there.

Edit: my bad I added it to a different resource and forgot about it

make sure to fully delete the cache and to disable it in the auto start and it should turn off

Is there anyway to turn the damage up ie the car gets damaged quicker

what is SET_PLAYER_VEHICLE_DAMAGE_MODIFIER doing? I think this could be the function u are searching for… But I’m really not sure :smiley:

Complete off-topic but ehm… any chance you could explain to me how to make a script which will trigger an event to enable the braking lights on a vehicle automatically whenever they’re not moving with the engine running? and another script on how to leave the engine running unless turned off?

Thanks so much =)

If you could also incorporate thers fuel mod that would be awesome. So we could see fuel levels


It is possible to let only the km/h Please?

yes just remove the others functions :slight_smile: