I am trying to learn Lua and scripting in general for GTAV/FiveM. In my endeavors, I decided to make my own Car Hud. I took inspiration from the Discontinued Advanced Car Hud System and the Seatbelt with blinking warning indicator.
The engine light comes on in both yellow and red depending on the damage. The headlight comes on when either the headlights or high beams are on. The turn single indicators turn on as you use your turn singles and blink. The ACC is just tied to a keybind that can be changed in the main.lua file. The seatbelt icon is actually a modified version of the Seatbelt script I mentioned earlier. As it is not my script it is not included in these files.
In the future, I want to create a config file allowing a user to move the icons and change keybinds without having to go into the Lua file.
If your interested in using this or looking at my script you can find it on my GitHub

Capture Capture2

Big thanks to the Jeva YouTube Channel for showing me the basics of Lua.

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Great Script :slight_smile:

Having an engine on and off icon would be great

That is an interesting idea. I will look into that.

Also have an altitude gauge would be helpful