[Discontinued] RP Vehicle Damage System [1.0.1]

I tweaked it a tiny bit to also use body damage as well as engine so what ever damage is done it effects it - but most disables are still engine based (as body takes longer to damage overall).

Yeah, that’s why I had it set to engine damage :smiley:

Hey thank you, I saw my Cdt request it, we appreciate it! Very nice script


Any chance you could share that tweak cause would be nice if the car could be disabled if there was continuous damage to the sides or rear not just the engine. Thanks in advance

You should add the gui/interface from like dojrp damage script because it would be cool to see if its yellow to go get it fixed up or if you like rp to call a mechanic and stuff i know its asking alot but it would be pretty cool

The GUI they use is this script but modified:


i have tried modifying but i dont want to break the damage part i just want to remove the damage line indicator and the break im sure it is like dojrp but i dont know which line to remove

@WolfKnight Mind if I re-release the script with a bit of additions to it?

Sure, just link me in the credits :slight_smile:

Great work as usual! Thanks for releasing this.

Ok! Thanks so much! I loved the script when i first got it!

It does not work for me. does it need a database?

The script is working for me still, it doesn’t need a database or essentialmode the script will work as-is.


Nice work, any update planned soon ?

Depends, want any new features? If so, what?

I saw a petrol tank native, why not a function to lose gasoline when the tank is damaged ?
Actually it’s set on 650hp for a maximum of 1000hp.

What about the bullet damages ? Did you find something to avoid a dead engine with only one bullet ?

Also there is no any bound with this script but i was looking for a way to avoid a damaged vehicule to explode (which is quite unrealistic), do you have a way to do it ?

I can take a look at the gasoline, as for the bullet damages, no, I couldn’t find anything for it.

That would be great, thanks =)

Is there a way you can disable vehicle fixing with the smple trainer or F4 menu? Because there could some people who like to screw around pretty much fix their vehicle that way when disabled which is pretty annoying.

Yeah, disable ScriptHook and use a server-sided trainer.