[Discontinued] Simple Banking 2.0 - Now with GUI

I delete this file? “http-files”

You can just delete the files inside that folder

Ok I’ll try that thanks so much guys

It’s work love you so much

Good stuff! Cheers @Rudz!

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It is the banking script that is causing it because if i disable the banking plugin all of them work fine, these are the scripts:


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Thanks, I’ll test them out when I get a sec and see if I can find the issue.

You can now try :slight_smile:

Keep Banking System + speedo
Keep Banking System + basicui
Keep Banking System + carhud

See which one fails :wink: enjoy :wink: Sure you have no logs ? see your fivem client directory

No issues here. Must be something you have done with a script.

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How to install please ?

why I didn’t have the logo on the corner I followed all the instructions correctly

From the main post ^ (Make sure you are running EssentialMod too)

Try clearing your server cache, that helped @SmokeyKatevin to get it

Might wanna had the empty cache instruction, it’ll save you support time :wink:

Haha very true @Rudz!

How do we add db.sql to heidi?

How can I delete the cache of my server plz ?

@GBJoel And EXPLICITLY how to do it… ROFL :laughing:

Sorry for my bad english im french I followed all the steps and i dont see the logo on the corner its like it doesn’t work

How can I empty the cache please ?