Demolition Derby , Script & Ymap

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Lisence System

  • Script is partially encrypted by CFX Asset Escrow System and again with the same license system, it is licensed on your cfx account that you entered when purchasing.

  • After you bought the script, tebex will automatically send an email with a download link. You can also download your package later from your own keymaster dashboard.

  • Only some of the codes are encrypted. You can configure many parts as you want.

  • You need server artifact version 4752 or above to run resources using this feature.

  • You can transfer ownership of assets once by navigating to ‘Purchased assets’ on keymaster. From there you can select the ‘Transfer to another account’ option and enter the account name of the person you want to transfer the content to.

  • Scirpt is only uploaded to the keymaster account that is linked to the cfx account you logged into when purchasing. and it only works on license keys generated from that keymaster account.

  • Detailed CFX Asset Escrow System

  • It is compatible with all frameworks. It is ready for esx. for other than esx; you just need to adjust the “giveMoney” and “removeMoney” functions. I will explain below. If you have any problems, i will be happy to help.

How the Script works:

  • Players will be able to start a game without needing any assistance from admins. They will be able to set the bet amount as they want.
  • Player is able to select the derby type as he/she wants.
  • Derby system will give the cars to the participants automatically. The cars will be deleted and bets will be given to winner teams when derby is over.
  • How to determine the winner: When the players are eliminated from the race, the minimum vehicle health + Oyuncuların yarıştan elendiklerinde minimum araç canı(configten ayarlanır.) + one point for every second the player stays in the derby. The team’s average score is calculated.
  • The team with the most points wins the derby. The total bet amount is paid equally to the players of the winning team.
  • If more than one team scores the same points, the money is split equally among the winning teams.
  • If one of the team mates leaves the game or disconnects from winner team, his/her part of money will be transferred to others.

How to get eliminated from the Derby:

  • By leaving the vehicle.
  • By not getting to Check Pointe on time.
  • By leaving the derby area.
  • By taking too many damage to the car.
  • Long periods of immobility of the vehicle.
  • As long as these events do not happen, the derby continues until the end of the derby time.
  • Pretty much everything can be adjusted via config file.

In game Derby Configurations, Menus:

  • The maximum number of teams?
  • How many people can join a team?
  • How long the derby will last?
  • The time to be given for the preparation of the teams.
  • How many check points will be in the derby?
  • Air Check Point or not ?
  • How large the checkpoints will be?
  • How many seconds Check Points will stay before disappearing?
  • Which cars can be used in derby?
  • The participation fees by confirming the derby?
  • Set bet amount?
  • Create a Team / Join a Team
  • Quick Start
  • Cancel derby


What you can edit in the config file:

Things you should know:

  • If you are using ESX framework, you don’t need to change anything.
  • If you are using a different framework, you should change the codes i will show below in server.lua according to your own framework.
Codes that need to be changed.

for example for qb-core it should be as follows.

You can set the whole notification system according to the notification system you want by changing the following function in util.lua.


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My Other Script:


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