Community Pulse - March 2023 Edition

‘Trains’ are enabled the same way as they would be in base GTA V: via a few script calls (SwitchTrainTrack - FiveM Natives @ Docs IIRC?). Outside of that I’m not sure what you’re referring to here, except for this migration thing (Train Carriages becoming detached) where I recall the reproduction steps either didn’t work or it just wasn’t caught at the right time.

Maybe post a more specific request or link to whatever you’re actually referring to if it was already requested?

Also, third-party resource sellers have nothing to do with the project itself so it’s a little counterproductive to interpret ‘people sell a remake of a base game feature as an addon resource’ as ‘FiveM makes us pay for this base game feature!’

And this sounds like something that you should provide a bug report with reproduction steps for, rather than posting a passive-aggressive reply in an unrelated announcement topic.

We’ve been hearing people mention something along those lines for years now but each time we’ve been attempting to reproduce something similar there’s been absolutely no luck even reproducing it, and when the people mentioning it are then asked to provide a report with reproduction steps they just refuse to do so outright… and half the time this gets mentioned when trying to ‘compare’ to some Russian abuse project that seems to distribute our code without adhering to our license terms, which is also a bit coincidental.

Again, it’s not ‘possible’ to add features or fix issues if people don’t conclusively specify such features or provide reproduction steps for said issues, and the game code backlog at this time is like 800+ items long so it’s also extremely difficult to prioritize things especially as people all have different priorities so if your request isn’t concretely actionable enough it’s likely not going to get acted on at any point, and ‘offhand remark in an announcement topic’ is very far from actionable, and in fact will only help negatively prioritizing your request since it’s as such burdened with the emotional load from ‘hostility’.