Community Pulse - March 2023 Edition

Hi everyone,

We are back with this month’s community pulse with some information to share with you all.

New RedM milestone

We’d like to thank the RedM community for surpassing 400k unique players and peaking at a whopping 8195 concurrent online players in February. Yeehaw! :cowboy_hat_face:

Fraudulent upvotes

In February, we noticed an abnormal amount of new accounts being able to apply 10 upvotes.
Upon investigation, we discovered an oversight in our backend logic for upvote powers coming from Patreon subscriptions, allowing someone to use the same Patreon account over and over.
A fix has been implemented and the fraudulent upvotes were removed.

We would like to remind you that upvotes should only be acquired from ZAP-Hosting. Any individual selling upvotes cheaper than ZAP-Hosting is either abusing some exploit or laundering money from stolen credit cards while scamming you as they know these upvotes are going to be removed as soon as ZAP-Hosting receives a chargeback for fraudulent transaction.

February outage post-mortem

On Tuesday the 21st, we experienced an outage that caused regressions with multiple services. Initially thought to be one of our Redis deployments misbehaving, it turned out to be a Cloudflare certificate expiring a month earlier than its scheduled expiry date, leading to both FiveM & RedM players being unable to connect to servers.
Unfortunately, as end-users were retrying a lot to connect as well as reinstalling their game, this significantly increased the load on our infrastructure, leading to a major outage as our services were struggling to keep up with this extra load.

We were caught off guard by the early expiration of the certificate, however, following the restoration of the backend services, we were able to implement an updated certificate. In total the outage lasted about 2 hours.

FiveM & RedM Updates

General Updates

  • Server guide updated to reflect 7z download links. Details here
  • Radio Stations and Pickup Hashes (A PR has been submitted here).
  • Weapon models are now in the game references section. It can be previewed here. Icons are still something that should be worked on, hopefully that can be added over the following month or two.
  • Forums OP badge added to forum topics

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing users from seeing useful build error messages when using the asset escrow service.
  • Some expired builds have had their end-of-life/end-of-support dates temporarily extended while we work to reproduce known bugs.


  • Minor improvements in the anticheat

Thanks for reading, see you all next month!


excited for the future! :slight_smile:



Onesync trains?



Thank you for the update! :cowboy_hat_face:


:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: :raised_hands:


May I point you toward this: [Standalone] Drivable Trains & Metros


Agreed, Its absolutely stupid we have to pay for a system that’s already in GTA by default. Train’s should already come with FiveM rather then having to buy off a third party source for a script to activate something that should be defaulted. Only thing is onesync problems but at the same time if a regular person made it work decently then im sure a company like CFX could do the same.


While I agree that native trains would be a nice addition and make fivem more complete it should be obious that this is a minor detail and will not be used by a large number of people.
Also I don’t understand you last sentence. Are you saying that because fivem is a company they have to put in more effort than any one user produces for edge cases?

I mean tbh my system is more than just the trains running, it lets you drive them too.

is it possible to release a new sync update that comes close to ■■■■■? It’s funny how I can pit a car a car’s length away without actually touching it.

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Clearly, if it was that simple for them they would have done it. This isn’t ■■■■■ and the two are very different in terms to how sync is done.

‘Trains’ are enabled the same way as they would be in base GTA V: via a few script calls (SwitchTrainTrack - FiveM Natives @ Docs IIRC?). Outside of that I’m not sure what you’re referring to here, except for this migration thing (Train Carriages becoming detached) where I recall the reproduction steps either didn’t work or it just wasn’t caught at the right time.

Maybe post a more specific request or link to whatever you’re actually referring to if it was already requested?

Also, third-party resource sellers have nothing to do with the project itself so it’s a little counterproductive to interpret ‘people sell a remake of a base game feature as an addon resource’ as ‘FiveM makes us pay for this base game feature!’

And this sounds like something that you should provide a bug report with reproduction steps for, rather than posting a passive-aggressive reply in an unrelated announcement topic.

We’ve been hearing people mention something along those lines for years now but each time we’ve been attempting to reproduce something similar there’s been absolutely no luck even reproducing it, and when the people mentioning it are then asked to provide a report with reproduction steps they just refuse to do so outright… and half the time this gets mentioned when trying to ‘compare’ to some Russian abuse project that seems to distribute our code without adhering to our license terms, which is also a bit coincidental.

Again, it’s not ‘possible’ to add features or fix issues if people don’t conclusively specify such features or provide reproduction steps for said issues, and the game code backlog at this time is like 800+ items long so it’s also extremely difficult to prioritize things especially as people all have different priorities so if your request isn’t concretely actionable enough it’s likely not going to get acted on at any point, and ‘offhand remark in an announcement topic’ is very far from actionable, and in fact will only help negatively prioritizing your request since it’s as such burdened with the emotional load from ‘hostility’.


Jeez so hostile, I was just meme asking off hand basically if db had time to look into trains migrating on 1S it’d be nice.

No need to be hostile and no paid resource will fix the migration of trains natively so it’s not even related in the slightest…

Anyway choo choo :steam_locomotive::joy:

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Amazing as always thank you CFX :heart: :cowboy_hat_face:

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The initial reason for why it’s like this is because Rockstar never intended for it to be used in multiplayer or for players to interact with.For FiveM it really was never a priority, understandably.

nice what i see fivem grow up he he

About the trains, i think what is missing as far as i know and tested is some way to use the native CreateMissionTrain server-sided, it seems that everybody that is making some sort of synced trains is using a client as host (entity owner) to spawn it in when it does not detect any train vehicles in the map (server-sided using netid, this does work somewhat but the train carriages will despawn on some clients eventually)

The default behaviour for when you activate trains the normal way (without CreateMissionTrain) will create a train/carriages for each client that joins because it will not detect the train vehicles the right way because they are out of range or not detected anyway, but it will spawn networked train vehicles when you do.

But it needs a lot of more testing and people that will explain the behaviour, and it is also not really a priority if you ask me, but if it is for you then help them out a little bit.

And for what it’s worth, you guys are doing amazing, a lot of people are having so much fun and for some it is even more then just ‘fun’ especially the players on the servers. Keep up the good work!

I tried to make CreateMissionTrain work on server side but I gave up. Im not too skilled in c++.
Maybe if we try together as a community :smile:

I got it to spawn but I haven’t had much success spawning a carriage for it and getting it to move.
Also the movement may not be as straightforward to make on server side as the client is moving it because R* made it that way.

While a onesync train API would be a cool feature I should stress a few feats that I believe deserve higher priority:

  • Statebag rejections and private server<->owner syncing.
  • AttachEntityToEntity server setter
  • An updated chat resource.

These are very important features that should be higher on the “100-200 higher priority items” on the list. As a community, we have been needing to come up with workarounds to get around the limitations of these features, and their implementation feels incomplete years after they were introduced to the platform.

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What would the chat system need that it doesn’t already have? It has pretty big features that can be accessed already (different chat channels that can be rank or role locked, themeing, etc)

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