Train Carriages becoming detached


Using canary? Yes
Windows version: Windows 10


Operating system: Windows 10
Artifact version: 4086
IP address: localhost
Resources: spawnmanager, vMenu, sessionmanager and the reproduction resource


Summary: When using OneSync, train carriages can become visibility detached if the player varies their distance around the train in a certain way
Expected behavior: Trains should stay together as one on the track
Actual behavior: Trains carriages become visibility detached or separated by a large distance. Though all carriages still move as one.
Steps to reproduce: Download the attached resource, and load up a server with 2 clients. Position them around (X: 2414 Y: 1095 Z: 79) and then run the /train command on one player. The players positions will automatically be adjusted a couple times to show the issue
Server/Client? Client
Files for repro (if any): (1.4 KB)
Error screenshot (if any): None
.dmp files/report IDs: None

Any additional info:
This can also happen to metro trains and ‘naturally spawned’ trains. Happens when using either OneSync on or legacy. Reference pictures:

@d-bubble Mentioning & bumping as it appears this report got buried. This is a set of working reproduction steps for trains breaking. Tested on latest artifacts.