Train Carriages becoming detached

After seeing dbub comment about this post in the recent community pulse discussion, I can confirm this bug is still present as of today, latest artifact being 6302.

I just wanted to do some investigation myself with the very little knowledge I have.

This repro seems to be working on 2612, 2699 and 2802 (didnt test with any version prior to this), testing done with OneSync Infinity.
The method seems to be related to ownership change breaking the link between the engine and the carriage.

Printing the carriage engine with GetTrainCarriageEngine server side does reveal something of importance, it seems like during the ownership change, the data is lost on all carriage (except the engine that returns itself), all carriage now returns 0.

Printing the owner of every carriage seems to be working fine on the server side, all wagons are changing ownership in a single frame all at once.
Printing the carriage index doesn’t reveal anything weird, all wagons exist with correct carriage index during the repro.

When leaving the repro going to the very end, when the train is exiting the scope of the player, the engine is deleted first, leaving all the carriage going without any engine during a few seconds.

That’s all I noted, it seems like this bug will be kinda hard to debug as is everything related to owership weirdness.
Also, doesn’t seems to be a priority at the moment as they are clearly not main gameplay, just wanted to add all this information somewhere at least