Community Pulse - March 2023 Edition

Yeah, I’ve not actually seen any concrete requests in this regard in a very long time, so I indeed wonder what ‘updates’ this would need, outside of a quick pass to get rid of some obvious flukes, and being made built-in so that it can be updated more easily and doesn’t run into weird build-time issues.

Also, again, when it comes to ‘priorities’, everyone of course will always want their requests (the state bag one for example) to be acted on first, so that’s actually extremely difficult to randomly reprioritize based on user requests especially if requests are incomplete or get sent in places they don’t actually belong like replies to announcement threads… and then people will often also get upset that something they feel is ‘less important’ is worked on first.

I’ve been wondering about the chat resource for a while though so seeing actual concrete requests in that regard would be very helpful.

Similarly, a few example use cases/comparable client test cases for entity attachment could be helpful, including parts that currently would be done client-y with broken ownership handling, since again it’s hard to implement a new API feature without knowing what exactly it needs to do in which cases.

@_Aldente would you be able to post some more specific requests for the latter two items somewhere (or be able to discuss this in a chat sometime?)


Here’s a scope of the chat improvements/requests: Chat resource improvements

As for the AttachEntityToEntity server setter, it’s currently not possible to make an attachment on the server to an entity which leads to using the weird RequestControl natives being used to attach an entity to a player. See this thread with a relevant github issue.

None of the chain there seems to actually have example use cases - the comes closest but it’s just a single example and it doesn’t have any details other than that.

Maybe you could actually come up with a few examples of current client behavior (and intended outcomes for each, plus variants both with and without control requests?) and post them in the feature request there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure I’ll do that

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I will try follow up with more details if needed, but a great example is a farming script I was working on recently. I had to scrap the multiplayer side of it because of some wonkiness coming from attaching bales to a trailer. When 1 client attaches, everything works perfectly. but when 2 clients attached the bale entities to the trailer to had 1 of 2 outcomes:

  1. Trailer would throw itself into the air and become super unstable.
  2. the bale would visually “roll off” of the trailer, although their entity would still be registered as being attached.

A visual example of this, is this picture, where u can see a bale has just “rolled off” of the truck even though it was attached using AttachEntityToEntity . these behaviours seem to occur regardless of using RequestControl or not (when not using it, i was having the Entity Owner trigger the function)


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Will be ever you guys considering increasing ymt limit for custom clothes up to 255 instead of 128 like in gta 5 single player and other platforms like FiveM?
It would be awesome.

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It’s a lot more that needs to be change then just that one limit. It’s been looked into, but it’s A LOT of work.

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