[API/dev resource] screenshot-basic - make screenshots of clients' games!

screenshot-basic is a basic resource for making screenshots of clients’ game render targets using functionality already existing in FiveM.

See the repository README for more information. This is only API, no commands or interface get exposed to end users with only this resource.




Amazing! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Who’s mans is this? Someone please get your mans…

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Okay so finally cant wait to test this

yay! this will be so awesome for anticheat resources.

Gotta love @system legend!

Will definitely be looking at how this works soon and seeing how to intergrate this into a bug report system for when a script crashes

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@system makes the best resources!

I’ve updated my cfx-server-data and downloaded this and put it in my resources but I’m a bit of a noob on how to even use it lol, can someone help me set it up/configure it please?

Someone know exactly how it works?

EasyAdmin has a working example.

Yes, use the exports.

is there somewere one allready pre made with cmds

No, this is a developer resource. You simply use the exports provided, it’s not the hardest of tasks to do.

Since the issues at the github repo doesn’t get answered I might just try my luck here.

I can’t manage to get this to work. I’ve tried to use the different exports but it just gives me a black screenshot no matter what I try. Has anyone else had this issue and found a solution for it?

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Just an idea: are you perhaps not using fullscreen?

I’ve tried to use it in fullscreen, windowed and windowed borderless. Nothing works.

I can’t get this to load at all.

this is what I get. It won’t start when the server boots neither. Just wondering if anyone knew why it was doing this?