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5Crime Atm Robbery offers an all-in-one atm robbery solution for FiveM servers, featuring an immersive experience system, multiple ways of robbing the atms (4 approaches and more to come.), multiplayer support, and alot more.

Important Links

:movie_camera: Preview / Showcase: 5CRIME Atm Robbery | FiveM Development | QBCore - ESX - Custom
:credit_card: Buy Now: 5Crime | 5CRIME Atm Robbery

Different Approaches

  • :coin: Checking for Change in The ATM
    a simple approach where the player can check the atm for forgotten change and bills.
  • :technologist: Hacking The ATM
    Hack the ATM and receive one bank transfer with the money, or a bunch of transfers within a configurable timeframe.
  • :boom:Blowing Up The ATM
    Trigger the C4, Place it on the ATM and blow it up, With a configurable 3D sound for the timer, and an explosion affecting the nearby radius. A pile of cash will fall out of the atm upon exploding providing a bigger sized prize
  • :red_car: Pulling Out The ATM
    Tie a rope to your vehicle, Hook the ATM and hit the gas pedal, with a configurable force requirement, the ATM will be pulled out, turn off the tracker with the help of a friend, drive it to a safe location, and drill into it to pull out every penny in the ATM.

Key Features

  • :people_holding_hands: Multiplayer / Syncing
    Want players to work together? All 5Crime resources are fully synced between players allowing them to interact and work together to achieve a more fun and enjoyable experience.
  • :arrow_up: Progression / XP System
    Customize the progression system to your liking or completely disable it, the choice is yours With easy integration of all skill systems, and a simple configuration you can have an advanced and progressive system that adds thrill and a grind to the resource, ensuring players progress through the criminal world.
  • :hourglass: Cooldown System
    Configure Cooldowns to your liking. Whether you want to set a cooldown per location, all together, or a global cooldown between all 5Crime resources, the option is yours with a simple configuration adjustment.
  • :grin: Optimization
    We ensure the optimal experience with our resources, stress testing the resources on 300+ player servers monitoring the resource monitor, and more. Our resources do not have any constant loops or checks and nothing runs unless interacted with. Allowing the best performance possible.
  • :warning: Security / Exploits
    Our resources are mostly server sided with alot of checks, making sure nothing can be exploited and reducing the load on the client.
  • :page_with_curl: Compatibility and Configuration
    All 5Crime Resources are fully compatible with all popular frameworks and inventory and interaction scripts. You can contact us to integrate more resources in our compatibility list.

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Make sure to watch the youtube video to see all of the features of the script :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
5CRIME Atm Robbery | FiveM Development | QBCore - ESX - Custom

:rage: 5Crime Resources :rage:

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more resources coming soon


Version Date Link
1.0.1 11/06/2024 Read Here


Framework Compatibility Extra Things to know
QBCore :white_check_mark:
QBX :white_check_mark:
ESX :white_check_mark:
Custom Framework :white_check_mark: (Requires you to have development knowledge to integrate it)
Standalone :white_check_mark: (Requires you to have development knowledge to integrate it)
Other Scripts
Script Type Compatibility
Inventory ox_inventory, qb-inventory, ps-inventory, qs-inventory, codem-inventory, aquiver_grid_inventory, core-inventory, and more…
Target / Interaction qb-target, ox_target, world interactions, and more…
Notifications ox_lib, qb-core, and more…

Open a ticket to if you have any questions about compatibility concerns.

Code is accessible Partial (Framework Integrations & Configuration)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1500
Requirements ox_lib, and interaction script of choice
Support Yes

Changelog - v1.0.1


  • Dispatch: added guide for ps dispatch and default implementation for others
  • Rewards:
    • added chance for all reward types
    • added item based loot for all reward types
  • Blacklist:
    • added blacklist for vehicle classes
    • added blacklist for vehicle models
  • Backend: small adjustments to support the above

Files Modified

  • :orange_circle: 5crime-atm-robbery\config.lua
  • :green_circle: 5crime-atm-robbery\docs\ps-dispatch.md
  • :orange_circle: 5crime-atm-robbery\encrypted

Legend: :green_circle: New File | :orange_circle: Edited File | :red_circle: Removed File

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