Vespucci Police Department [MLO]

Where can i get the updated download link?

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If you bought earlier interior you can download last update from link which you get from purchase

Any crash issues reported conflicting with Gabz MRPD or the Noose HQ?

not that I know of

False ?

Hi! Yes, its false files. Just redownload Pd from link which you getting with purchase

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does this have cells?

This building have cells (5 cells) in underground floor

I just bought this interior and I am very satisfied… I read trought some of the comments and I have to say: Don’t be cheap fuks and buy this MLO… Imagine how much time they’ve spent on this interior and how much work it took. 100 Euros is nothing compared to work they’ve put in to this. 10/10
Keep up the good work boys !

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i bought

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Nice creation

Nice MLO :heart: