[UPDATE] Advanced Drone - Face Scanner Update - Easy to control - Easy to setup

Just out of curiousity, how much does this run at ms wise?

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Hi @Lorenc :blush:
The script cpu usage depends on you cpu type.
I have AMD Ryzen 5 2600 and the script runs on 0.0ms in idle and between 0.2ms and 0.3ms when all options are enabled

Is there any way to remove the target in the middle i bought the drone to record videos but they dont look to good with the target

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Hi @SUSPECTontheBLVD :blush:
I already made two commands requested by a customer.
This two commands are made for servers that want to toggle ON/OFF the Instructional Buttons or Cam Scaleforms.

dronecamscaleforms -- Toggle ON/OFF Cam Scaleforms
droneinstructionalbuttons -- Toggle ON/OFF Instructional Buttons

And you’ll find this two command in the config file, and you can change them.

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Wanted to put follow mode in myself but can’t so I guess I have to request you to do the work.


Hi @JiminyKroket :blush:
If you want any custom work or any suggestions don’t hesitate to open a ticket in our dis.cord server.

Please speak with him. He is an amazing dev! As well, this would a very cool addition.

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The Soundboard Update

  • v1.1.2 Update:
    The new update for The Advanced Drone features a Soundboard that allows you to play a pre-configured sound files to players located around the drone range.
    You can import your sound files inside the sounds folder and configure them in the config file, and you can also configure the sound play range.
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