[STANDALONE] Spawn Car By Item 🚗


  • Framework: ESX & QB.
  • Any Inventory.
  • Progressbar - mythic_progbar or progressbar.

  • Any vehicle configured by spawn name can become an item.
  • Possibility to prevent spawn in specific areas.
  • Possibility to set spawn time.
  • Performance is 0.0 ms (client & server).


Download Via Tebex

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Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 270
Requirements progressbar
Support Yes

Ain’t no way you’re charging 10 euros for this.

Incorrect value. CTRL + F5 on tebex page :wink:

this stolen too like you stole and tried the sell my code last night? and still have it up for sale now?

The other script I didn’t know there was already a free version. Currently what was published yesterday is free and you can go there and confirm that the code is more complete than yours.

Be careful what you write, punishment may apply.

Chatgpt write me some code that uses an item to trigger /car adder :joy:

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Hello, besides the config file and spawn car function, how many lines do you really add ?

In addition to the config, the client side has about 200 lines.

200 lines of actual code ? or 200 for the whole file with lines skipped / formatting ? this changes alot

Why this is paid?

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All this talk just because you think it’s a basic script?
If it’s basic and you don’t agree with mine, just do it.

But yes, about 200 real lines.
The code includes functions to create, delete, and search for vehicles in the game. There is also an event triggered when a player requests the spawn of a vehicle. Additionally, there is a function running continuously in the background that checks if a vehicle is owned by the player or not and deletes the vehicle if it is not owned by the player. Finally, there is an event triggered when the player presses a key to save the vehicle they are in. If the vehicle is in motion, the code displays a warning message, but if the vehicle is stationary, the vehicle is deleted and a message is displayed on the player’s screen.

Not free because I still lost a few hours. But the script is a low price…

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astudiosdevelopment/astudios-pocketbmx (github.com) here is a free version for those of you looking. If you need help creating the items or adding more vehicles just reach out I would be more than happy to help


where is script i dont found and is free or need to buy ?

Yes, it’s paid.


for esx?