[ESX/QB] Zombie System

  • Compatibility with any Inventory and framework QB or ESX;

  • Configure Rewards: money (all accounts), items, and weapons based on chance;

  • Define zones where zombies will spawn (In the example of the preview of the video, it was in the entire area of ​​the island cayo perico);

  • Configure different types of zombies:

    • Density
    • Map Blip
    • Running Speed
    • Health Amount
    • Armor Amount
    • Carried Props (gas, pumps, etc)
    • The amount of HP zombies remove from players
  • Configure the animation for looting

    • Quick Animation
    • Medium Animation
    • Long Animation w/backpack
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Download Via Tebex

Documentation | Config Preview

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Code is accessible Yes/No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 2450
Requirements none
Support Yes

The attachment of objects is definitely a unique touch - hadn’t thought of doing this before. Kudos to your idea! +1

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Thanks for the feedback :wink:

Using qb with the config set correctly, it’s still trying to use esx exports.

Something isn’t right. Are you sure you are not using es_extended (ESX)? Let me check the code and I will give you feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

I am 100% sure I am using qb-core and the config is set to qbcore.

The error happens as I start your script. My chat works just fine and only shows that error when I start the zombie script.

image ← From server console

yeah, he is not wrong, using qb-core same error

Hey guys, sorry for the inconvenience and delay. However, problem solved, download again.
Enjoy, have a nice weekend.

sorry to tell you brother, its still doing it for qbcore - brand new download, cache clear etc

Fixed QBCore framework error (version 1.2).

i am now, i will test and let you know

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Hi, can you only define zombies in 1 area or will zombies be free roaming the map? I want zombies to be everywhere with a denser amount in certain areas .


Hey, answering your question:

  • You can place the zombies all over the map (just set a large area in the config through the “radius”).

  • Defining different density according to the areas is possible in a simple next update if you want. But I currently don’t have that in the system.

Issues have been fixed, sometimes small things are missed, but all is well! Great support, great zombie script as well!

I am using the core_ Inventory, I am unable to obtain any items

Hey :slightly_smiling_face:

Using this inventory with the zombie system is not the a problem.

  • What is the framework in use?
  • Are all existing items in the config created?
  • Is there an error?

Best regards

I am the QB core. I deleted your weapon and only obtained two items, but there are no items in my backpack. After picking up the items a few times, the zombie will disappear without any errors.

Items only go into your personal inventory, not your backpack.
Contact me via available discord server and show me the details to understand your question.