[STANDALONE][PAID] mmsmokegrenade

mmsmokegrenade - standalone smoke grenades

Script has seperate config file where you can set up things like:

  • Weapon label
  • Time to explosion
  • How long will smoke stay
  • Size of the smoke
  • Range from which smoke will be visible

Optimisation: 0.1 ms idle, 0.03ms while working
Preview: video
Tebex: link ($10)


Nice job but 10 bucks???

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buyed, very good!


Any idea why this replaces our tear gas?

These are already native to the game?

I have never seen Grenade Launcher Smoke in game. Tear gas already exist.

I found out what was the issue, I texted you in private message on forums. For everyone that bought that script, I send you a email with a link to script update.

the tear gas launcher can be spawned but wont stay in the inventory once you swap weapons its pretty neat

These mods are by far the coolest addons ive had so far!

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