[STANDALONE/"ESX"] - ReportSystem - A completely innovative Report System [PAID]

Hello everyone, I hope you are going ok. Today I decided to launch a very useful ReportSystem. With this script, players will be able to report situations, whether they are anti-rp, bugs, or even doubts! This script is not ESX dependent but whoever uses ESX will have some “advantages”. Anyone using ReportSystem will feel that the server is organized and that players are helped more effectively.

Script explanation:

Basically, there is a command for players, and a command for staffs. When doing /report, a small form will appear for the player to report the situation they want, and as soon as the player sends it, all staff will receive a small notification that there is a new report. Staffs, when doing /reportlist, will see a table with all existing reports since the server was brought online. By clicking on a report, the Staff can read the description of the report, can see a screenshot of the person who reported, can teleport to that person, and can mark the report as solved.




There are several options in the config.lua to change, which should be changed to your liking.

Principal Features:

  • Report form
  • NUI for STAFFS to view existing reports
  • Screenshot of who reported (Can be desactivated in config.lua)
  • Staffs are able to mark reports as solved
  • Notification when there is a new report
  • Webhook to receive reports in discord
  • It’s easy to adapt in administration menus


  • screenshot-basic (If you enable the screenshot config)
  • ESX (not mandatory, can only be used to define staffs more easily)

High Level of Configuration:


And much more!

Additional Information:
Do not post/leak/share the script files with anyone.

Current Price: 10.00 EUR (without taxes)

More information is on my Tebex page:

To buy the script go to my corresponding tebex page and follow the instructions:

Check out my other scripts here:


Git gut :ok_hand:

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Any way to support utk_render as screenshot basic kill fps for no reason.


Hey there! I’ve never seen that resource! I will implement it, it looks cool too.
Thanks for the suggestion.

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Always danny on represet!

Good Script , and a good suport!

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Thanks for the amazing support brother :heart:
Really appreciated.

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hello I have a problem when I put the report the mouse pointer stays on the screen and you have to restart the script and nothing works

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Probably you changed the name of the script? Seems like a NUI problem hehe

I like this one, I will check it out and probably I’ll buy it in the future, this system seems to be comfortable to users.

New ideas are cool :yum:

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good script

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Hey there, as @antho7 said, you probably have renamed the script. The resource should be named as “ReportSystem”. You can change it, but you will have to do some changes in .js file too.
Thanks for the amazing support anyway, really appreciated.

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Thanks for the feedback buddy :hearts:


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Hey there!
It will stay at 0.00 most of the time.
It will rise to 0.01 when (and only when) you open the menu or do any action (tp through the menu, mark the report as solved etc…)
But if it’s not being used, I guarantee 0.00.
Thanks for the question, and for more questions I’m here :slight_smile:

the problem was the name but it still doesn’t work, the warnings don’t arrive and I can’t open the menu

Hey there. You should modify your config.lua as you like. That’s probably the problem. You should put your self as admin or put Config.ESX = true.
Btw this is not the place to get support. You should ask for help in PM’s or in my disc.

Are there plans for a qbCore version of this?


If Config.ESX = enbaled
And i joins the server

i got error on

[ script:ReportSystem] SCRIPT ERROR: @ReportSystem/server/server.lua:112: attempt to index a nil value (local ‘xPlayer’)