[Standalone] Enhanced Discord Bot [Paid]

Hello :raised_hand: This is The New Version of My Discord Bot. Unlike the previous Version this has All Things that you need.

What This Script Has To Offer :old_key: :

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  • :wrench: Instant Response

  • :toolbox: Multiple Channel Support

  • :pencil2: Fully Configurable.

  • :+1: Register Discord Command as Export.

  • :policeman: Restrict Certain Commands to Admins.

  • :cup_with_straw: Custom Status For The Bot (By Default it will show the Player Count)

  • :oncoming_automobile: ESX Compatible

  • :guardsman: Add/Remove Roles When Player gets a new job or Grade (ESX only)

Dependencies And Credits :

Pre Installed Commands :


Check The Commands.lua File For Full Details.

[ESX] Commands :

  • [ESX] prefix + myinfo : If The Sender of this Message is online in the fivem server Bot will respond with the details of the player

  • [ESX] prefix + revive + serverid : Revives a Player using esx_ambulancejob

  • [ESX] prefix +setjob + serverid + job_name + grade(number) : Set Job for a Online Player

  • [ESX] prefix + getinventory + serverid : Get Inventory of a Player

  • [ESX] prefix + getloadout + serverid : Get LoadOut of a Player

  • [ESX] prefix + getjob + serverid : Get Job details of a Player

  • [ESX] prefix + getmoney + serverid : get Current Money in the pocket of the player

  • [ESX] prefix + getbank + serverid : Get bank Money of a Player

  • [ESX] prefix + removemoney + serverid + amount : Removes money from online player

  • [ESX] prefix + addmoney + serverid + amount : Add Money to a online player

  • [ESX] prefix + addbank + serverid + amount : add Bank Money to a online player

  • [ESX] prefix + removebank + serverid + amount : remove Bank money From Online Player

[Standalone] Commands :

  • prefix + playercount : Returns the Amount of current online players

  • prefix + kick + serverid : kick a online player

  • prefix + slay + serverid : Kill a Online player

  • prefix + spawncar + serverid + model : Spawn a Car For Online Player (Not Working if you have Onesync Infinity)

  • prefix + setarmour + serverid + amount : Set Armor for online player

  • prefix + sethealth + serverid + amount : Set Health For Online Player

  • prefix + giveweapon + serverid + model + ammo(number) : Give a Weapon To a Player

  • prefix + notific + serverid + Message : send a Message to a specific Player

  • prefix + announce + Message : Send a Message To All Players

  • prefix + getidentifiers + serverid : Get Identifiers of a Player.

Register Discord Command as Export Example :


If Your Export Returns nothing Bot Will Take it as an error.
If The Export returns true bot will not send any response assuming your command already did it.
You can return a string and Bot will Send it as a response to the Sender of the Command.
For More Examples you can look at the Commands.lua (Pre installed Commands)

Base Command:
exports['DiscordBot'].RegisterDiscordCommand('Command Name','Command Description',ESX(True/False),function(args,channelid,discordid,roles,ESX(If enabled))

Example : 
exports['DiscordBot'].RegisterDiscordCommand('test','This is For Test',false,function(args,channelid,discordid,roles)
    return 'This is For Test'

Video Preview :framed_picture: :

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Note :warning: : This Script Does not have Ip Lock System or Obfuscation. You can Edit Everything!

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fixed by OP

Is it possible to rename the bot and change its picture?

Sure.You can edit everything.

Cannot be used normally after purchase

Enhanced scripts are now On Limited Offer for 50% Discount.

Enhanced Report Handler
Enhanced Discord Bot