[Standalone] 👨‍👦‍👦 Newbie System [Paid]

Hello :raised_hand: This is a New Script Developed By Cyber Developments! This Script will Add Newbie System to your server To Prevent New Players that are not experienced and familiar with your server to do certain things. This will help to make sure that new players do not grief other people or mess around.

What This Script Has To Offer :question: :

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  • Prevent New Players From Griefing Others.

  • Prevent New Players From Using Specified List of Hotkeys. (Edit in Config.lua File)

  • Prevent New Players From Shooting with a gun.

  • Tag For New Players On Their Heads.

  • Discord Message When New Player Joins the Server.

  • /timeplay Command to See Your current Time play On The Server.

  • No Dependencies For Any Form of Database or Framework ( It use a json file to save the timeplay of players )

  • You can change the Newbie Expire Time to Your needings. ( For example if you want the players that has less than 10 hours time play in your server to be tagged as newbie. you can just edit the Config file )

  • No Ip Lock or Obfuscation.

  • Compatible With Onesync Infinity and without it.

Dependencies : :x: Its Standalone

Screenshots :


Discord Webhook

You Can Buy This Script at Our Tebex Store.

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Note :warning: : This Script does Not Come with Any Form Of Obfuscation

This script looks very interesting and it looks like you put a-lot of effort into it, great work :slight_smile:

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