RickAn Guide [Free]

This is an simple script to make players know the key bind in game

Video Preview
Desktop 2021.04.17 -

yow guide.PNG

GitHub - notyow/rickan_guide

Other Resource
RickAn WeaponShop
Rick Alert/police report
[[Free]] Chop Shop
Rick Police/Ems Menu [paid]
[Script]-Yow_bankingV2[Bank Script] - #16 by RickAn


Been looking for something like this for a while now, thanks for the release man. Keep up the great work and great releases to the community.

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Nice release

Is there any way to add an other tab?

yea there is it may be hard for you

How do i do it?

you would have to make a button and just copy and paste the other tab and use java to open the new one when you press the button

it is work for dunko vrp without issue ?

it should did not test it so i’m not sure

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