[RESOURCE] | RC-Coke Advanced |FiveM - ESX Framework |



  • Buy companies
  • Hire employees
  • Upgrade System
  • Automatic farm coke
  • Delivery coke
  • extensive config

Update / Fixes

  • Player become coke in Inventar



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Is this encrypted ?

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No, this script can be edited freely after purchase.

Nice :slight_smile:

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This looks amazing. Great work. Anyway you can edit it so that IN GAME people have to make the coke for you and not the GAME it self? If this can happen I will be buying this.

Is it possible to see drugs as an item when players are delivering? And what if you get arrested - is the job still running tho?

Hey buddy a function that the player has to do it himself, I can add the days. I can let you know if this is the case

Hey buddy. That the player gets the coke in the inventory comes next. Because if he’s arrested, he’ll lose the coke and can’t sell it anymore

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From now on you will also get Coke in the inventory

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Yeah would be nice. That way gangs can run it have in game people pick and process and everything for them. Like with the upgrades can make the pickers, pick and process faster and everything else. Would be great to see

Thanks! I’ll definitely buy it soon :grin:

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wowww very good

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Thanks! <3

This is really cool and well made, but having passive money making (just sit around and wait) is a no go for me. Rather than having coke just be made on a timer, having a player have to deposit items found from locations. Like require 10 coca leaves + gasoline + other ingredients have to be deposited into a locker in the factory, then have the timer start and make (x) coke for (x) ingredients.
Just a thought, but looks amazing 10/10 :smiley:


This MLO is addon right? where can i download it?