[Release] RC_BitcoinMiner | ESX Framework | Beta Version | New Update 0.1.1 |

Hello FiveM Community! :grin:

The topic of Bitcoin has been growing lately, but why aren’t there any proper scripts for FiveM yet? I took care of this problem. This mobile phone currently only has one app with which you can collect and sell bitcoins. The prices change as well as the number of how much a player gets.


  • Random sell prices
  • Mining Bitcoins AFK
  • Sell Bitcoins
  • Open Phone with F6

Coming Soon

  • More Apps
  • More Cryptocoins
  • Trade and buy Bitcoins



Download 0.1.1

RC_BitcoinMiner_0.1.1.rar (526.6 KB)

That’s it for my side. I would be happy if you leave feedback. Have a nice day and stay healthy! :slightly_smiling_face:

:iphone: RC-Blackphone
:art: RC-NFT
:bookmark_tabs: RC-Vote
:oncoming_automobile: RC-Vehicle Shop
:oncoming_automobile: RC-Car Rental Advanced
:shopping: RC-Marketplace Advanced
:oncoming_automobile: RC-Rental Car Service - FREE
:iphone: RC-BitcoinMiner
:pick: RC-Mining Job


this. looks. SICK. im def gonna try it out, thanks for the release :))

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seems very cool so far, but how do i close the phone. have tried pretty much everything but its just not closing

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I like the script! Courage I would love to see this script completed! If it would be possible to buy things in BTC, it would be incredible!

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how can i close the phone?

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Press again F6 or ESC to close phone

Good idea. I write it down. I think I will implement your idea!

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You can press F6 again or ESC to close

SICK. Very good job man :smiley:

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Looks very good.
Looking forward to new apps and maybe the opportunity to actually call people, send texts etc.
Keep up the good work man!

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Great release, I think you should expand to make this a functioning phone. Also you could make so that people could make apps simply it would be great because gcphone doesn’t allow to create apps easily.

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make so you need like a crypto phone to open it

Hey thanks for your feedback! I’ll probably make a cell phone later, but this shouldn’t be a replacement for a gcphone or something. With my script, I really only want to give gangs or civilians an opportunity to farm money and later buy illegal things with the bitcoins.

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Thanks for your feedback. I will probably make a working cell phone later where every scripter can create his own apps

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THis is fantastic ! for Sure.

Can we add Electroneum (ETN) in an update? Would be very cool

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It’s so much a script I was waiting for, it allows you to make a third currency and not have to use dirty money for “civil”. I had a penny savings on my server and I’ve been waiting for this kind of script for a while. You’re making my day again!

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Creating another phone/tablet is the perfect idea, no need to replace the GCPHONE, you’re on the right track!

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Ah i get it. Kinda like a second phone just for mining.

Good to hear you’re thinking about creating a seperate phone script later.
Excited to see how that turns out and hoping it will be easier then GCPhone.

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Thanks for u nice feedback<3

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Thanks for your feedback. Yes, I’ll see how it works with my cell phone, etc. But my goal is that it is simple and that everyone can easily add new apps.