[Release] [vRP] [ESX] [Standalone] Discord Screenshot


A resource that takes a screenshot of a player and uploads it to a discord’s webhook.



Read the README (english or portuguese) to know how to install and use it.


pls fix it with __resource.lua this is not working


Did you read the installation section in the README?

have this error using the export

The API can only be used in the server.

Can this detect external menus and red dots? I really need to find some solution for this kind of hacks. Its being given free in some websites.

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I did it exactly as it says there and unfortunately it doesn’t work

Works perfectly fine! Any way/chance to to get a 100% screenshot from what they see though?

[SUGGEST] It would be nice if the map is not seen when the screenshot is taken

Only internal cheats

how to create command screenshot

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It’s already built in

So it won’t detect for example a mod menu or an aimbot, right? Lately there’s a lot of aimbotters on FiveM, there’s even an aimbot around for only 10 bucks, so it would be lovely if this could basically screenshot user’s display just as they see it, so if they have something displayed on screen, it would be seen by us at the ss moment…is there any way to achieve that with this?

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Everything that runs inside the game will be captured, except the NUI. My friend tested with a not external cheat and it worked.

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when i added it to my server it said this i have the required dependecy

Did you download from the releases page?

yes i did in the title it said no home hoast and im using a vps could that be it? sounds stupid but idk

nice one. love it. but why doesn’t it show money hud on screenshot ? using esx here. any way it can screenshot whole things?

Hello! nice release but is not working for me. I had previously installed screenshot-basic, and
working with gcphone, is it necessary to install the one you provide?

You can use the one you have already installed. Did you check if you have the permission?