[Release] Vehicle Controls GUI v2

This allows you to toggle your engine, toggle car lock, open/close your door and more! Also you can save a vehicle to remote control it.

Download v2
Download v1

Put it in your resources folder and add it to your AutoStartResources, as always.

The menu is openable with M.

Source code can be found here.


:open_mouth: Can’t wait to give this a go. What’s the key to open the menu?

EDIT - Download is currently empty :’(

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Oups, forgot to add it at the beginning. It’s M.

Also fixed download.

Please note, users with a Windows Server will probably have problems running this mod. That’s because Windows Server likes to block DLL’s. Right click on the DLL, properties and find a button called something like ‘remove blockage’ and you’ll be fine.


Windows does that on a lot of files requires to unblock. You can do that via batch cmdline recursively on entire download folder with with SysInternalsSuite by running :

streams -s -d %USERPROFILE%\Downloads\*

or for a single file

streams -d C:<path>\file.dll

There is a way to disable this “feature” totally in windows (Since it is so annoying) i think it uses a group policy can remember.

all we need now is the vehicle spawner and you would be the start to healthy servers with no more explosive bullets and crap lol

The server-sided enhanced reborn should come out soon. Otherwise I’d already have been working on it.


well if we cant disable options like explosive bullets server side its kind of making the same exact thing over again

any way we can change the hotkey? Its select on my controller :frowning: annoying when i try to change view in my car lol

I’ve to fix some stuff with it anyways, so I’ll add the possibility to change the hotkey with the upcoming update.

Until then you can grab the source, change the hotkey and compile it. Or just wait for the update. :slight_smile:


v2 (30/01/2017)

  • Added the option to limit the car’s speed
  • Compatibility with thers’ Fuel mod
  • Locking the car sets it as saved vehicle now
  • Saving a vehicle more than once shouldn’t make the blip dissapear now
  • And some more insignificant stuff I forgot…

Unfortunately there’s still no option to set the hotkey. You’ll have to recompile it with your hotkey of choice for now.


thanks for trying, i know it will come eventually

Can you leave engine running with this?

Think that we have to recompile it in DLL. Dunno how yet but i’m searching :slight_smile:

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If you find please tell me, I maked my translation too but I don’t know how to recompile it !

There is nothing to do … No software will reconpile it
He just swung an unusable script so that a person repairs his bullshit ! Sorry for my bad english

So … How do we can use it ? Have you a solution for us ? :slight_smile:

I have no solution to offer you, just use : vehcontrolv2 It works perfectly

I already have it, wanna translate it in French :slight_smile: Gonna be more immersive for players on an FR Servers :slight_smile:

Other questions you can maybe answers : How you lock doors without going on the chat, on VehicleControls. How can we lock/unlock doors with only pressing a keyboard touch ? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I can unfortunately not help you … the person who translated the rendering mode unusable. I would have liked to have also (:

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