[Help] LUA native UI

in my mods, I want to work with the native UI from GTA5, so everythink have the same look.
Like in this mod from Mr.Scammer: [Release] Vehicle Controls GUI v2

The difference, I want to script this in LUA. Not it’s quiet complicated to create a UI, and it’s not looking very good for me. Of course I can change the design of the UI to fit the native UI, but I think there is a better way to do that.

The easiest way is to switch from Lua to C# and use ported NativeUI. But if you manage to find a way to port NativeUI to Lua (it is possible), well, go for it :slight_smile:

The NativeUI library isn’t ‘native UI’ as in ‘native to GTA’, it is ‘UI using natives’ that happens to look similar to the built-in Scaleform UI. This misconception really needs to disappear - if you want to use native UI, use the Scaleform calls included with the default SWFs, not some misleadingly-named library.

If you want ‘everything to have the same look’, just consistently design your UI using HTML/CSS in NUI?

K, I think working with HTML/CSS is the easiest way. Thanks

Native UI is actually using scaleform inside of it to render menus.

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no, the menus are just drawtext/rectangle calls.

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Yeah, my bad, it’s only instructional buttons that being rendered using scaleform.

Can u tell me difference native ui and defult menu ui plz i have some scripts want to port from native ui to menu defult