[Release] TruckerJob v0.3 [UPDATE 29th January]

Since the original TruckerJob thread owner was banned ([Release] TruckerJob, I was allowed to create a new Thread about it.

I have refactored the hole script from https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/trucking-job-lua to make it work for Five

#v0.3 (29th January)

  • bugfixes
  • corrections
  • navigation approvement (a little timeout)
  • truck disappears after finishing the job (please tell me, if you like this idea)
  • blips fixed (this fuckers should work now after finishing one job, and start another one)
  • visual money (not implemented yet / no db insert)
  • add truck blip one time

Download: https://github.com/schneehaze/Fivem_TruckerJob

Make sure you also download the “MissionText” Script for displaying the tasktext properly.
You can find it here: MissionText: https://github.com/schneehaze/fivem_missiontext
More information: [Release] MissionText (mission / task)

As always, update your citmp-server.yml and add
`- MissionText

  • TruckerJob`
    below AutoStartResources:

I’ll keep updating my GitHub for every project I am making.


guarantee that trailer and truck is loaded, before spawn
small bugfixes

missiontext added
make sure you have MissionText activated!

refactored code
it’s working now, haha
if arrived the destination, you can detach the trailer and gain money (mission complete)
no hardcoded locations (only in the very begining)

spawn trucks
spawn trailers via menu
markers are visible
markers are getting invisible[/details]



Finaly with Missiontext all work fine!
Thanks fr your good job :wink:

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How does this job work as nothing on the map?

Same here nothing is on map

i add the blip by myself like this:


local blip1 = AddBlipForCoord(-7.100, -0.300, 73.077)
SetBlipSprite(blip1, 67)
SetBlipDisplay(blip1, 3)

(67 is the Truck blip)

Hopefully there is a way to save the money in the essentialmode sql database??

Where about does that code go?

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Here is some code for truckerjob.lua. You have to find the section and add the code like this

–text for mission
local text1 = false
local text2 = false

local Blip = {}
local blip = AddBlipForCoord(-7.100, -0.300, 73.077)
SetBlipSprite(blip, 67)
SetBlipDisplay(blip, 3)

–focus button color
local r = 0
local g= 128
local b = 192
local alpha = 200

Fixed the code so it works now
The blip number 67 is not the right one, dont know the right number fot the truck blip.
SetBlipDisplay 3 is for map, 4 is map and mini map

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ah ok thank you very much

Hey are there prerequisites other than mission text or can I install this on a fresh server

You can install this on a fresh server incl mission text

The other stuff for adding a blip on a map and minimal, I am going to add the code in a newer version. Thanks for the notification

On location it says press ‘N+’ to start, but nothing happens when I press N

You have to press + on numpad. Scrolling with 2 and 8 doesn’t work :confused:

Thanks that worked, scrolling with arrow keys does seem to work

Do you have to go there in a truck or something?

Look at my post ahead, you have to add the blip, thats it.

For me either… i did not notice. Have only done the first job^^

Same here if you have a controller connected it’s up and down on the dpad but it’s super sensitive also I think only job 1 of each option works as the others don’t give green line to drop off point

You can scroll the job with the arrows.
I will fix the text.
I am just adding some more stuff and then I will update it.

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Nice job dude, maybe add a payment when job is complete

its say go to marker if no marker on map :scream_cat:

i know, i know :smiley: I am working on it, it’s very strange what LUA is currently doing to my head hahah