[Release] MissionText (mission / task)

Short script for displaying text like in the real game. (not in the chat)

Use in any other script: TriggerEvent(“mt:missiontext”, String text, int timeInMillis)

Download: fivem_missiontext-master.zip (1.2 KB)

example: TriggerEvent(“mt:missiontext”, “Here is some ~r~red~w~ text.”, 500)

red ~r~text~w~
orange ~o~text~w~
cyan ~c~text~w~

Hey, thanks for this information! This will help a lot of people out with making a more real experience on servers!

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Do you have an example image? :blush:


another simple example : MissionText(“Hi, ~o~orange~w~.”, 500)

1. function MissionText(text,time)
2.         ClearPrints()
3.         SetTextEntry_2("STRING")
4.         AddTextComponentString(text)
5.         DrawSubtitleTimed(time, 1)
6. end

Where do I put this to install it? Just in resource? And then what is the command for the cit-mp.yml?

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Whether it is possible as that to set occurrence of mission on the set key?

Is this how I do it

Can it be added a way to relocate the text? Bottom or top or right or left.

Script and maps in fivemstore