[Release] TruckerJob v0.3 [UPDATE 29th January]

May be you should move init() outside of the main while loop? Now it creates blip on every single tick.

already done.
Now I have the problem, when I drive to a far destination, the next blip (when I restart a mission) is not showing anymore… this is veeeeeeeeery strange
In the updaded version, I save the blips in a array. (not creating it on every tick)

it’s like, the variable is disappearing somehow


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could always hook payment into default db in essentialsmode base… he starts you out with a table for money in the db he distributes with it. that thing has been there for a while and nobody is making mods that utilize it.
Also, should move the blip to only show when near and on map. if you look at the vehicle shop release, he seems to be doing it pretty well as an example… just so its not on the minimap ALL of the time.

Thanks for your suggestions. I will think about that and maybe include this in a new update.

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Working great thanks for the effort

@schneehaze - thanks yr mod great work. Re disappearing truck after the job has been done, think the driver should bring the truck back to a certain place and when possible get a little $$
more or get nothing at all - again thanks for yr work

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I’m doing this on a PilotJob.
You gonna need to return the helicopter, or the plane, to get paid… for the trucker job, i think this is just annoying


That sounds awesome. Idea for this someway to reduce the money given if the truck is too damaged because the way I see it you are renting the truck to do the job

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My only suggestion which has already been suggested is to hook it into essentials mode so you can get paid. Other than that amazing job, looking forward to the next update and the Pilot job your working on :slight_smile:


that’s already in the developing :smiley:

Be patient, i’m studying now for exams that are straight out of hell, and I will not release anything before the 1st march

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how you active the menu for the job ?

I am the creator of the mods TruckingJob (https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/trucking-job-lua) and I am really touching that person adapts my work to make it accessible by the FiveM community. I am glad that this mods are appreciated.


Dude… realy good job for this job ^^ u try to create a new job :stuck_out_tongue: ? if yes pls create a job roleplay police (with function for arrest…) pls dude :’(

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I am working on a pilot job right now.
Plus an updated version for the truckerJob.
Also there will be a hole gamemode.


Let’s do some Pizza Guys too Schneehaze :slight_smile: great job anyway :slight_smile: Looks good.

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If you need my help I am available.
Currently, I am working on a kind of “SkinControl” but with the particularity of being Server Side and customizable.

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we have a skin control mod already but I think what we want is a mod to change clothing or skins on a marker like a clothing store, which no one done yet.

Hello, can you help me pls ?

When i finish the mission trucks doest dissappear so the finish point have manyyyyyyyy of truckers ^^


No money? :frowning:

I am using essentialmode.

Could get this, and set it up together, to have a payment every minute, 30 minutes or so.
Just make sure to tell people, that they should go there and pick a job :slight_smile: (Just a fast solution, nothing fancy)