[Release] Timetrials - Standalone Races and Leaderboard [v1.00]


This FiveM resource adds timetrials races with the following features:

  • Leaderboard for each race (server side scores)
  • Configurable races and interface
  • Checkpoints and finish line
  • GPS waypoint navigation
  • Chat notification when race is completed
  • Teleport to waypoint (L key when not racing)
  • Reset race (L key when racing)
  • Freeze player movement during countdown
  • Map blips
  • more




Using realistic handling and speed mods

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Cool, been looking for decent MP race mode for some time.

i have the map blips, i have the yellow circle, but nothing happens… am i supposed to teleport out of map as i expected to just drive into circle and press a keyboard button to start race as shown in video

Nice, I’m gonna check this out now.

Looks pretty good damn sweet!

Looks like it’s an issue when first starting the resource, I probably missed it when using restart to debug stuff. I fixed it and tried everything from scratch, should be good now.

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Good shit. I have to ask though, what ‘speed mod’ are you using :)?

Thanks Brent-- all working fine now after your fix… super release… Thanks

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The main mod used is Realistic Driving V. I have some other mods as well, I’m working on releasing a collection of realistic driving mods.

Looks really cool man but, why don’t you add a pvp mode? Which means, competitive! Racing with other players would be fun asf!


I just released the driving mods I’ve been using if you want to check them out [Release] RealisticVehicles - Realistic vehicle handling, speed, and more [v1.10]

The first thing is to congratulate you for your great work Brent_Peterson. Above all, the Nurburgring-Nordschleife circuit is impressive. :heart_eyes:
I would like to ask you some things about Timetrials.
-How can I set the time records at the checkpoint so that 1st, 2nd, 3rd …? I only get the fastest time, the rest of time does not show me.
-How can I do to show me the name of the car instead of “NULL”?
-Could I change the format of the times to minutes, seconds and thousandths?

Thank you!

Thank you, hopefully below helps answer some of your questions.

  • The leaderboard is designed to show the top one time for each car and the driver who set it, try setting a time with a different car and it should show up. The idea is that it’s mainly to compare car performance but drivers also get credit for setting that time (otherwise it would be top 100 times all supercars :wink: ). You would need to modify the code if you wanted to save more scores for the same car or anything else.
  • Is this an add-on car? If it is you’ll need to make sure you set the name string as detailed here. I’ll probably change it to grab the short name if NULL whenever I go back and make changes.
  • You can modify the part of the code the draws the time to screen, haven’t tried it but changing line 220 to something like this might work, similar for scores just mess around with it.
local raceTimeSeconds = (GetGameTimer() - raceState.startTime) / 1000
local raceTimeMinutes = math.floor(raceTimeSeconds/60)
raceTimeSeconds = raceTimeSeconds - 60*raceTimeMinutes 
DrawHudText(("%f:%2.3f"):format(raceTimeMinutes, raceTimeSeconds), RACING_HUD_COLOR, 0.015, 0.725, 0.7, 0.7)
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NULL, are probably mod vehicles

idea for you:

  • add a way so that 2 player can drag at the same time
  • add GO after 3 2 1 …
  • add a sound on the 3 2 1 GO…
  • add the possibility to be neutral while waiting and to be able to mount the compression of the engine … (by giving gas)

and with modded vehicles I also have the NULL problem in the leaderboard

great share thx;)

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The directions in this post should fix it, all the add-on vehicles work fine for me Can someone clarify vehicle_names.lua hash question for me?

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So I don’t really get it. The " * Teleport to waypoint (L key when not racing) " function is just teleporting you around the map when not racing? So it’s Teleport to waypoint right? If this is the case will anything happen if I remove it? I didn’t try this release yet but it sounds cool. Correct me if I said anything wrong. Thanks!

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Thanks for the quick reply!
I have tried what you have told me with good results.

  • The names of the cars I have solved creating a vehicle_names.lua as a script and solved!
  • The different positions may not work because all the cars registered as NULL because they do not have a name. Solved when implementing the names in vehicle_names.lua.
  • The time format changed well but with some more zeros
    Any idea how to leave just one number or none until it reaches the minute?

And a question I have: Are the times saved in the file or directory? (In case some time is not valid I could erase it)

Thank you!

I already found the file scores.txt where it saves the times.
I would like to know if I can eliminate the zeros as indicated in the previous post.
Could you give me an idea Brent_Peterson?

Thank you!

You need to play with the printf formatting to change how it prints to the screen, maybe something like this instead?

("%02d:%02.3f"):format(raceTimeMinutes, raceTimeSeconds)