[Release] RealisticVehicles - Realistic vehicle handling, speed, and more [v1.10]


This is a collection of FiveM resources that modify vehicles for realistic handling, top speeds and more.

  • Realistic vehicle handling
  • Realistic vehicle speeds
  • Modified AI traffic density, behavior and speeds
  • Disable air control by vehicle class
  • Turn on brake lights when stopped



Known Issues

  • Investigating AI traffic speeds, might not work correctly


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Looks like a very good script.

Any demos?

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I’m working on putting together a public server to showcase all the scripts I’ve been working on but in the meantime here’s a demo video from my timetrials script using the mods in this release.

The car in the video is a Comet SR (Comet5) which is modeled after the Porsche 911 GT2 RS, you can find the handling and car specs from the original mod here


Great overall script!

whats the racing script name you are using there?
Looks awesome

brake lights when stopped doesnt work. Can you look at that?

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Hm im using it on my server and my cars are not faster now.
My “Bugatti” Max Speed (Full Tuned) is 200 KM/h

Can i modifiy all car top speed?, cause this setting is not reallife (it’s Overrrrrrrspeed)

We’ve used this mod since it came out on our server, love it and have adapted all custom cars to use the handling values from their GTA clones (Elegy2 for Nissan GTR etc). Lately it appear to no longer affect the vanilla cars it used to. The Elegy2 being back to vanilla spec, max 200, handling on rails and so on, while the GTR with the exact same meta values is still working as it should with realistic handling.
Some vanilla cars do work, like the Entity2 still keeps its top speed and handling from the mod, but the EntityXF has reverted back to vanilla spec. It used to work fine.
Any idea what might be wrong? Some other script interfering or (Partially) breaking it?

Hi, I have a question. Is it possible to add everything except the vehicle handling? I would love to have realistic speeds, traffic and all that, but without the realistic vehicle handling

Hey, nice script. Two questions, does this work in 2021 and does it work on planes/helis?

Start everything but the vehicle handling script

I tested all Civilian vehicles and think the following are not affected by the handling file:

Deveste Eight
Itali GTO
Schlagen GT
Jester Classic?
Michelli GT
Dominator Apocalypse?

Can anyone confirm?

Can we please get a 2022 edition/update please or atlease share fixes people found