[Release] Simple Taxi Work [UPDATED]

Hi there, mates!
Today, i introduce a simple script containing taxi work.
Stop arresting and cuff each other for a while, turn on West Coast Talk Radio with Fernando and Sue Murry (very funny show, i may add) and charge on service!

You have to find a taxi cab (model named obviously ‘taxi’ in cdimages), press Del button, when you are inside and drive around the Los Santos to find some clients. Drive them to destination point and find anotherone. Simple? Simple.
Technically - this is part of my gamemode, so it is cutted a little.


If you are interested as developer - i can explain some aspects, just ask for it.



Taxi cab you need to find.

No credits required, use it however you want, as usually.

DOWNLOAD: click (4 KB) (v. 0.2 updated at 29 december 2016)

my pastebin
unofficial wiki
my project
skype: harver-trane

For admins or moders (and others): i am really sorry for english i use, i learn it only in school 10-15 years ago. If it not hard for you, please edit my bad words and somethin like that: my write script, yours use it! My glad yours is use it!


by the way, you can find some cabs here (LS Taxi Cab Co):

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Could you spawn a cab and right with that? I think people would like to know that.

Thank you very much, great script

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sure. You can spawn, find, or steal any taxi car. You can change model hash in script taxi.lua to any 4 door model by the way.


Thanks for this great script, looking forward to see more of your work.

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Hi, how can I adapt this to make dock work carrying boxes?

Just write /carrybox instead of /cuff xD


This rocks! You should create a second version for UBER Drivers.

what means UBER drivers?

First off, this mod is pretty awesome. But once we exit the taxi the taxi job continues… even if we get in a new vehicle, it still thinks we are doing taxi jobs. The only way to stop is by blowing up the taxi? lol

Uber is a personal taxi people call and the drivers can be anyone really. Typically people know Uber for their nice black suvs. All youd need to do is change the taxi to an suv, like the baller and modify the text to go along with Uber. But id love to try modifying this myself…

How can I change the vehicle from a Taxi to Baller and how can I QUIT without destorying my taxi?
Is it easyto change the drop off locations? Ill assume i just change the x y z numbers.

ok, got it. i will release new script when i came from route (i am freight train driver irl) .And remake it for any car you want to drive.


Script is now updated. You can stop work as taxi driver. Just go away any time from taxi cab.
Also, any fixes added (passenger now going away from taxi, when you finish your job, but not deliver him to point).


@MarkViolla thanks for all the effort you put in this

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Thank you! Looking forward to your stuff in the future. :smiley:

if someone interested, i have made a modification thath allow you do taxi in all cars:


Thanks for the script, How would enable a payment option when jobs are complete


If someone finds a way, it would be nice to inject money earned into the essentialmode database.


I agree with SirMark, this script is awesome either way! Nice to just have an easy job of just driving people around.

I’ll try to get that going once I actually get the cars to spawn :S