[Release] SexySpeedometer & Tacho ( Dashboard Elements, Skins, Fuel )

What gets measured, gets managed.

Hey, it’s me again!

This time i bring you a sexy speedometer because unbelievably, noone has made one yet


two modes:

  • Sexy Fade in/Fade out animations when entering/exiting the car
  • Both KPH and MPH display which are both accurate ( up to ~5mph variation )
  • RPM Display which works but is modified due to GTA V’s RPM going from 0 to 10000RPM
  • Lightweight Script! Only 60 Lines of code as of Release!
  • Dashboard Elements such as Engine Damage, Fuel/Oil Display, Blinkers
  • Customizable:
    If you want to modify it, just follow this quick guide and you will have your own speedometer skin!

Download Link

Update 8
sexyspeedometer.zip (154.2 KB)



Initial D 6 Speedometer:


Initial D 7 Speedometer


( click username to unfold and show download link )

how to create a skin

Fuel Display does not require any specific resource, but FRFuel is recommended, if you don’t need/want it, go into client.lua and switch showFuelGauge = true to false, Easy!
Note that this does not add a fuel system, it merely checks at what % the Fuel Tank is filled!

Have Fun!


Best speedometer i have ever seen. Good job.

Isn’t the tacho supposed to be on the left side and the speedo on the right? :thinking:

say that again

I have to agree it is backwards - At least in the US.

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the fact that you wrecked yourself before you edited that made me laugh

But yeah the gauges are backwards so the Speedometer is closer to the center of the screen to aid visiblity, RPMs are not so important so they are further off-screen.

Is that supposed to be a US dashboard??? In KM???!!?

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Either way bro - I love it - You the man!!!
Great Work!!!

I am maybe going to use this in my Trainer Reboot. Is that okay with you?

completely avoided the question…

Sorry - Yea the image i posted was just an example.
Calm down damn… mph/kph left/right …
Either way i could give 2 sh*ts - still great work…


well… my post was a joke… lol. I wasn’t serious

Also, would I be able to make the MPH outside, and km/h inside?

Edit the image and the code, then yes :joy:

sorry @Flatracer , i wanna keep this resource standalone, you are free to package it as seperate resource if you Credit me + attach the forum link tho :wink:


Update 1

  • Compacted Code a bit ( to keep it at 60 lines :wink: )
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Speedometer to show on unsupported vehicles

Redownload the file on the Original Post to get the new version!


Really nice speedometer bro!

So this is Server side?

if you mean if it’s a resource, yes it is.

Update 2

Making it look better!

This update Focuses on small oversights, mainly:

  • Add missing :mascot:
  • Fix the fact that R* doesn’t know how car engines work
  • made fade in/fade out animations happen while entering or exiting the car, not after!

Download the new update in the main topic, as always!

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