[Release] [Standalone] Proper Drift script!

I love what you did with it! Cleanup very well deserved. Pull request has been merged with your credit. Thank you.

That bug is kinda rare, but when it does happen, simply change the base value in handling file of the car for few hundredth, or any number really and it will smooth it out. I can’t explain it better than I did in my readme. :slight_smile:

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What am I doing wrong? Like prescribed even the file _resource.lua client_script ‘cl. lua’ but on my local server does not allow, you would at least make the resource)

You changed something you shouldn’t. client.lua isn’t probably loaded correctly via __resource.lua.

Also, you should update __resource.lua to fxmanifest.lua

the car likes to go really fast with this script and wont stop at all
when you turn it on or off

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That’s because another script conflicts with it and bugs out correct value change when reverting back.

Try to start up the server with ONLY drift script and nothing else that might have anything to do with changing vehicle properties (to change it’s handling)

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is there a way to make this script work with addon cars?

It works fine with any car, unless some vehicle classes are blacklisted (motorbikes or emergency for example).

Hi. Has anyone managed to solve the bug of changing modes with a co-pilot inside the vehicle to bug the speed?

Should be as easy as introducing a check inside the ToggleDrift() function so that only the vehicle’s driver can activate it. I’ll see if I can get around to PRing that unless the OP is still active.

The problem would not be who activates the drift mode. the problem is that when the co-pilot is in grip mode and the pilot activates drift mode. A conflict is generated between handlings and when the copilot gets on as the pilot, his handling mixes with the pilot’s previous one and the speed is broken

Thanks for pointing this out. I use modified version of the script, also merged together with few others on my server. So this got away of my attention.

Now, the script only registers the driver, no one else in the vehicle.

Script on GitHub has been updated just now. I might update it with additional features later, but I’m currently busy with my own server updates. So don’t wait for this to happen anytime soon.

Thank you very much MoravianLion! I’m going to download the new version and try :slight_smile:

Well, I didn’t have to do it after all lol
Thanks for fixing it - I suppose some community members wouldn’t be able to do such a fix themselves so this definitely helps.

I am sorry to say that I have tried it and the problem has not been solved…

I tell you how the process is:
One person gets into the vehicle in the driver’s seat, then another person gets into the passenger seat. once the two are inside the vehicle, the one who is the driver activates the drift mode. now the two get out of the vehicle and the person who was the passenger now gets on as the driver. The handling for that person will already be bug.

What do you mean by “already be bug”?

Try to rephrase it for me, please.

“already be bug” = “handling is already doubled for that driver and the speed of the vehicle is very high”

(I’m sorry, i use translator)

That’s on 99% conflict with another resource dealing with handling in some way.

Try to replicate the issue on a clean server with only the drift script and then let me know again.

I just tested it on my clean server and on a friend’s server and exactly the same thing happens. Try it yourself if you want with the process that I have set for you and you will see what I mean.

Fair enough, I’ll check it tomorrow.