[Release] Serverside VisualSettings - Stream Custom visualsettings.dat!


Here’s a simple parser for visualsettings.dat, allowing you to stream customized visuals to your clients. This takes advantage of the SET_VISUAL_SETTING_FLOAT native.

Example Showcase: (this is the default visualsettings.dat that comes by default, change this how you see fit)

https://streamable.com/90fse (incase it doesn’t embed)

– And night time

https://streamable.com/omcw3 (incase it doesn’t embed)


  • weather.CycleDuration - will crash the client (which is why it is excluded in the parser so don’t worry)

  • I wrote it (self deprecating is the best)


Download the latest release here and rename the resource folder to VisualSettings, then add the resource to your server.cfg or however you run your ship.

This has not been tested thoroughly and should only be used by people who know somewhat what they’re doing.

Have fun, and for the love of god don’t force what visuals you think look best on everyone.


Nice release. Keep up the good work!

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ooooh, i’m so gonna do that, great release!

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Noice. I Will Be Sure To Test

This requires an server artifact version of at least 916 or 917 (not sure which one included the commit).

Just a reminder before users say that this resource doesn’t work.

COOL good job


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video doesn’t work.

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Here is the video(s)

Video 1

Video 2

Thank you :slight_smile:

Nice release, thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks, gonna load it in now

If you dont midn me asking, what vehicle skin is that? It looks great :slight_smile:

I never knew that you could serverside the visualsettings.dat file. Well this is going to be very useful…


Pennsylvania state trooper

Based on that yes but fully customised for HighLife State Troopers.

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Jark when you are going to fix that big with weather change ?

I don’t think he can fix that. It’s a core game bug.