[RELEASE] Realistic Handling 1.0

Realistic Handling

Hello, this will make all cars handle a bit more realistic such as breaking and cornering. Acceleration is more realistic but the speeds are still scaled to GTA V physics.


1.0 RealisticHandle

This is Realistic Driving V just tweaked to my liking on some vehicles. This is only version 1.0 and I expect to edit this much more to make it great for roleplay servers!

This is also compatible with my Better AI Traffic script! (Make sure they are two different resources)

This has been tested and does work if installed properly.


  1. Download the ZIP
  2. Extract the RealisticHandling1.0
  3. Drag RealisticHandling1.0 into your resources folder
  4. put start RealisticHandling1.0 into your server.cfg
  5. Done

Original Link -


Cant wait to test it OUT!!!

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I have used similar things to this and it doesnt alter the cars properly, Have you tested this? Just curious


I run this and my Realistic AI script on my sever and they work flawlessly. So yes this does in fact work and change the handling of vehicles.

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I tried to make the police3 faster for example, it still caps out at 114 or so no matter what I do, I have made the 2015polstang faster or slower but cant seem to get it for the police3

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Well this isn’t my handling problem, that is on your side that you just aren’t editing the right thing.

10-4 i get it… 20 char :frowning:

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Is this also working if we already have some custom cars on our Server? Or how would it react together with custom cars?

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@krazi Well yes if your custom car use gta5 handling. No if they have custom handling

Hello mate! First of all thank you for this great resource!
I would like to make an adjustment to make the motorcycle curves a bit more accurate than it is currently configured … Could you tell me where I can make this change?

Many thanks for your attention and your time!
PS: Sorry my english :see_no_evil:

In the handling.meta, find the motorcycle name and adjust it there.

Did you have any luck with that? I’d like to restore the motorcycles to their defaults and leave the cars as is

Why does all the bike fuck up? Brake with ‘‘SPACE’’ dosent work, they go superfast and cant turn at all… next to at least.

I have the same issue… have you found the right handling ?

Im still wondering, I just made edits to some vehicles, this isn’t fully my handling. Go talk to the guy I linked in the post about the bikes, I dont have an issue with it. Stops people from flying down the road.

this solved my handling.meta issues “serverside”

is there a more complete version that includes all the dlc vehicles? such as the Sovereign and others?

why mod run on the dlc car but not on the base car of the game ?
please help me, it’s been three days that I’m looking for.

I just wanted to update the topic for Realistic Handling v2.5.
The file is a drag and drop into resources, all you need to do is add start realistichandling into server.cfg then either restart the server or /refresh and /start realistichandling while the server is running and while you’re in the server yourself.

Download: realistichandling.zip (98.2 KB)


Awesome! Thanks for updating us! - What exactly is the difference between the v1 and v2.5? and does it work well with Better AI Traffic as mentioned above in the OP’s post?