[RELEASE] Real AI Traffic 1.0

Real AI Traffic

Hello, my name is Shrike and I am here to give you a simple handling.meta that will make your life so much better when you have your AI traffic turned on! I know this really helps our Roleplay servers, especially when running Code 3. They actually pull to the side xD. This is not 100% perfect but I really does help.

Some Key Features:
They pull over to sirens.
They start to stop farther back then normal.
They are more cautious.

This is a combination of Realistic AI and GTA IV AI Handling

This is tweaked to work best with my Realistic Handling.


1.0 RealAITraffic


1.0 - Edited the braking (Stop farther back).


  1. Download the ZIP
  2. Extract the RealAITraffic
  3. Drag RealAITraffic into your resources folder
  4. put start RealAITraffic into your server.cfg
  5. Done

Original Links

I am by no means a Lua developer or know how to make custom scripts. Most of my stuff is things that I have taken and make them slightly better.


Does this have an effect on other custom handling.meta files we have?

Good question^ (20 chars)

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Yes this will overwrite the handling.meta. It all depends which resource with a modified handling.meta file gets loaded at which time, usually the last loaded resource will be applied.

No it will not. Although it is a handling.meta it is actually a vehicleaihandling.meta but FiveM only recognizes handling.meta’s. You can have a Realistic Handling mod and this one just NOT the same resource.
My server we have both the Realistic Driving V and this Better AI Traffic. Works like a charm.
@Buggeroff @Mac_D


@Shrike Excellent. I’m pushing this into our test server then! Thank you for the release.

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Hope you like it! If you have any issues or questions feel free to ask :). I am still tweaking it for our server, expect future updates.

Certainly. I have it Bookmarked

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Thank you for the release, I will be testing this tonight!


Let me know how you like it!


@Shrike where did you get Realistic Driving V? I looked, but couldn’t find anything?

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I hope this works but I will be testing it as well!


Google is your best friend :slight_smile: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/realistic-driving-v

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Bestest friend :smiley:

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i meant the server sided one, but i saw you released it now though so thank you for that and good job!

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Thank you so much, ive been needing this forever

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when blocking the road the ai is not freaking out. as long as no shots are being fired. Would love to see a like keep calm kind of script make the ai ignore guns and what not when in vehicles cause if firefighters are using the extinguishers this script just disables pretty much.


Great picture! Glad you like it!

everytime i join the server i get this message now? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/421557397950038017/430194861795442690/unknown.png but everyone else can join do i have to clear my fivem cache or what? because it used to work before but now i cant join the server

IMAGE NOT WORKING here is the error in txt:

Couldn't Load Resource RealAITraffic


How i solved it: delete your cache from your fivem.app folder.

Does it work will with replace cars with custom handlings?