[Release] [Paid] Breathalyzer script

New really cool script release! This script will allow law enforcement to test people and see their bac.
Watch the video below.

Purchase here!


  • Cool brand new breathalyzer UI.
  • Interactable buttons.
  • Configurable commands.
  • Configurable legal limit.
  • Sounds effects.
  • Indicator when BAC is over or below the legal limit.



It would be nice if when the officer wants to check your BAC, they approach you and run the command to start it (it was hard to see what commands you were using in the video but something like ‘/testbac ID’ and that would prompt the person with a notification for them to enter a response and when they enter ‘/bac’ it should show them an appropriate range (.00 to .07 for legal and .08 -.40 for drunk (anything over .31 is considered life threatening and typically .4 they are probably already dead)))

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Currently for a civ to set their bac they need to use a command, I’m going to make it where if they haven’t set it yet and an officer tests them then it will open a promt where they have to set it.


When do you plan on doing that? I’ll definitely buy it when this is added.

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I’m planning on doing it today.

Update 1.1
If you haven’t set your BAC already a prompt will open where you’ll be able to set your BAC. This won’t show up if you’ve already set your BAC.

So i’ve seen many huds with shows you how drunk you are maybe that would be a way to return the value instead of the player putting it in?

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Can you give an example?

So i can’t remember if threw hud ui had it or not but, just like the hunger & thirst some had the ability too see how drunk the player was, ofc that would change from framework to framework.

So pretty much instead of the player setting the value, it could retrieve the “drunk information” from the hud and display the number?

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I could make a drinking script where a player can play the animation of drinking a beer and if they drink too much they get the drunk effect and it sets the BAC automatically.

hey are you a member of staff of LucaasFlightSim?

I think he is

I mean yea ig you can do that but i still think that retrieving it from the hud would be a better way of doing it.