[RELEASE] [FREE] [STANDALONE] 3d- me, do, med

Hello guys.

Today I want to share with you the work that I’ve done.
All you have to do is plug & play (upload and use)

I took inspiration from SoDope
and the open source code from Noms to create my own 3dme / do / med.

I hope it can be an alternative version of scripts people want you to pay money for :slight_smile:

Download here

remember to leave a Like if u like it or use it, also leave a star on Github and follow me IF YOU WANT, I’d be happy. :hugs:

CARE: Its not adapted for Onesync Infinity YET! Will change soon!
UPDATE [12 January 2022]: Works now on Infinity.


looking good, thank you

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I started the resource and I have a problem at the time of putting myself to use the commands they come out to all the users I do not know if I understand

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Well, I guess u are using onesync infinity right?

Yes sir i am using that

Okay, I updated a fix, haven’t tested it yet tho.

So the idea behind that is that u have to check the player’s ID, its not really easy to figure out where to check it.

This is how it should look. I already added it into my github, you can just go ahead and download it again, not sure if that will fix it in the place where I added it. If it doesn’t you can try doing it yourself, but its definitely the way to fix this issue.

local myId = PlayerId()
local pid = GetPlayerFromServerId(id)

         if pid ~= -1 then
             if pid == myId then
                  --CODE HERE

Let me know if that fixed it.


change the lua client and at the moment of putting the commands they do not appear on the user, it does not mark an error or anything!

okay, I will work on it and try to find a result soon.

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This is very nice, thank you!

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doing the best I can!

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Hey, looks dope and we’re for sure going to be testing it soon!

One question though, is there a chance the commands could display both in 3D and in chat?

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Yes, I will be working on that in the future so watch out for updates!

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Would you know why all my commands work and come out in the bubble, except /me , its still same as old /me command , plain txt and no bubble ?

get rid of your old /me, sounds like its conflicting

yes, thats right. @RebellionRoleplay1 you can’t register 1 command twice. So get rid of the old one

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After taking out the script should i be removing anything else , as its still plain txt

you like it very much, very nice, but can you please make “infinity” compatible? looks like everyone and please dc log system

Discord Log Come please :slight_smile:

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Yes, I will be providing infinity support soon.

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Well, I think its really individual in your case. Maybe check something like esx_rpchat or any other script. Im pretty sure you have to have another RegisterCommand(‘me’) somewhere inside your scripts that you maybe don’t know about.