[fork] [FREE] [Standalone] 3dme-html fork


I’ve had about 12 DM’s asking me for this updated fork resource so I thought I’d just post it here for you all to use.

I’ve also included an /iconme command, so that you can define an icon to use with your /me, to improve roleplay scenarios.


It’s basically drag and drop. Literally not set up.

The CSS styling is nice and simple; I’ll probably update my fork in the future to have multiple templates to use.

Anyway, I saw someone basically selling a free resource so I thought I’d release this to demonstrate you can turn a free resource available here into something that looks much better in about the space of 20 minutes.

Original Resource: [Release][FREE][STANDALONE] Styled 3D /me with html


nice one ! it’s same with the paid resource that i have seen before this

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Yeah, he took a free resource, spent 20 minutes changing some styling on it and then started selling it, which is why this is here now. I’ve pull-requested it in for the original repo too. I hate people who sell free resources.


good release, thx! <3

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this is how should be a fivem community
Making a PR and Forking. instead of stealing someone elses work with just a little rework!

Goodjob buddy


Thanks for this :100:

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Thank you for this, however i dont think its soppused to look like this? I didnt try and use the icon command this is just regular /me



in the server.lua make sure you set this

and then in the client.lua make sure you set this line

works for me :grin:

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i do have one problem tho, if i do a /me and then someone does it a second later it will make mine disappear/glitch out

This is a issue I’m aware of with the original resource, I’ll be looking into a fix shortly.

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never seen that nice one

The icons do not load for me, I just get a small back box. How can i fix this>?
Screenshot 2021-08-20 145212

[fork] [FREE] [Standalone] 3dme-html fork - #8 by send1tsyko Try that out man

i was able to set a default icon but i am struggling to get it it where players can choose an icon depending on the situation

When I type the chat / me it goes out to other players on the map, without being in my location. any solution???

I believe there is only two commands set up (/me and /Iconme) so you would most likely need to o register another command and link the picture to that, for example you could register another command /foodme and have it set up to show a food photo