[Release][Free] High resolution Satellite map with custom postals

I see, thank you

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Is your resolution the same as DLK (DieLikeKane) maps?

I think so.
The full map is 8192 * 12288 pixels, cut into 6 pieces of 4096 * 4096 pixels

Thanks for the reply. I am a photoshopper myself (10+ years experience). You must have spend hours in PS to add in all the names, postal codes etc. Now you got me thinking, should I go make a Atlas map with this. But currently I am more into mapping (Codewalker). I currently using DLK map+minimap (Atlas), but the Atlas map is 6x 3072x3072. Why aren’t you using the Zoom level 5 (6x 8192x8192). Is that too much data for GTA5?

Thanks for the reply, yes the map took ages to complete in Photoshop and checking if everything is correct in game aswell.

Regarding the zoomlevel, i think the 4096x4096 size is more than enough in game. This resource already takes some time to download on first load into a server having it. Going to 8192x8192 will just be too much for just that little extra of detail in my opinion

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Where can i get the nearest postal script?

Not a fan of the EMS/Police/Fire names on it, but otherwise all good.

Thanks for sharing it to the whole comunity. Wonderful work!! :+1: :+1:

Do you have this same map with out the postals?

No, but you can get the original map images from HERE and create your own

how can i use this for a liberty city map ?

You can’t

Is it possible to make the same postal codes as this

I know some people are used to these postal codes from other servers and itll be hard to get used too

Other than that phenomenal work

Sorry no, the map is as it is with the current postals. Its a simple system and the postals make sense, so people can learn it real quick