[Release] Postal Code Map & Minimap - New & Improved - v1.2

Hello everyone!

Today I am bringing you yet another postal code map! I have used the great DLK FiveM Map to create a postal map.

How is my map different?

  1. More organized / orderly
  2. More dense, providing more accuracy for dispatch and LEOs alike
  3. Providing Letters & Shapes on Route 1 & Route 15 respectively to ensure precise locations if no nearby postal code

Here is how the map is laid out:

Here are some screenshots of the map:



  • 1.1 - Added remaining PD, Fire, and Hospital badges
  • 1.1.1 - Added full size PNG version for dispatchers/CAD use
  • 1.2 - Added minimap support, modified for server-side only (no client-side meta needed)

Huge shoutout to @DementedDude for allowing me to use his minimap script!

If you have any suggestions or find bugs, post them below! Thanks!

Download by clicking here

Full size PNG version available here

Thank you and enjoy!


Very Very Very Nice! Love the individual Postals all over. Super helpful for LEO!

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Thank you very much! I appreciate that as a ton of work went into this!

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Good work, looks great in game.

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Love this man! Great release! :slight_smile:


Keep the good work mate ! Gj

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Wonderful job. Good on ya!

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This looks really good


Thank you everyone for the positive feedback! Makes me so happy to know my time was well spent. Enjoy the map, watch for updates. Thanks again! :grinning:

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Do you manually make these?

Yes, every postal code was typed with my own two hands.

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How would I make my own? I tried Photoshop but can’t do those files the postal code needs to be

You need the Nvidia DDS plugin for photoshop.

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Or use paint.net.(its website is getpaint.net)

Something that would be really cool is if you add (in some point on a corner) a key that shows what is what, ex
1000 - Paleto Bay & Mt. Chiliad
2000 - Grapeseed & etc.
3000 - Sandy Shores & etc.
4000 - Harmony & Rt. 68
5000 - Zancudo AFB & Los Santos County
6000 - Vinewood
7000 - Rockford Hills & etc.
8000 - Los Santos Middle etc…
9000 - Los Santos Lower etc…
10000 - Ports…

Just some key that list’s the locations shown in em (would go in to more detail but not in game)

But no matter, cool map!

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That is a great idea! I will do that for the next update. Would you have a preference of where the key would go or how it would look?

I would like it in the bottom right, (just a common area in my opinion), but I have no preference.
Also please make sure you add more locations then just that of what I posted, I can get all of the major area’s if you want (in like an hour or so)

Also, for dispatchers if you could post a full size map? Like the one with color but without it

I made one. https://termanatorinc.com/images/Full.png Just right click and save image

Thank you

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