[Release] Firescript v1.0 Alpha

Note that you are under no circumstances allowed to release this script anywhere without linking this thread at the very top of your thread, and you have to have [REVISION] in the title and not [RELEASE].

To start a fire simply hold down f7 on your keyboard until it spawns! Once the fire spawns it will immediately start trying to spread. the spread is random in direction and chance of success so it might not spread for 5 minutes or it may become an extreme hazard in that 5 minutes!

[UPDATE] Added configurable random spawns, and next update will among other things add a blip so people can find the fires easier!

[UPDATE 2] Added compatability for FX Servers!

This new update allows you to set if the firescript spawns random fires around the map or not, but you have to set the locations yourself, however the locations in the script currently are garages located around the map.

There is a config in the client file that when set to true (it is by default) displays the street name in chat were the fire was seen, and the latest update adds another config in the same file that allows you to change were the fires can randomly be spawned, how long it waits before trying again, and the chance that the fire will actually spawn default is 60% chance it WILL spawn when the wait timer is up!

If you would like a screenshot look at the bottom of this thread.

https://www.mediafire.com/file/s8n38jbcyb9z86g/firescript_(3).zip/file (LINK FIXED)


@Deziel0495 - Original creator of meth lab fire script which helped me a lot when i started this project.
@Rjross2013 - Lead developer of the firescript.
@Talon1991 - Financial Contributor to our network.
@Firav - Owner and operator of Centuries Gaming Network.



this is a rather large fire spawned by an early alpha tester

One way to support this project is to help pay for the community servers that these scripts are primarily for, it would be greatly appreciated but is not expected. Thank you!


The firescript is back everyone enjoy!!!

How about a video preview or some pictures so people know what they are downloading. A brief description of how the script works would be nice too.


This is true lol, sorry i had to get everything back up after that whole situation and was a little flustered.

i just tested on my server. one thing i wish is you could see the black smoke further away .also i couldn’t fight the fire with the water canon or the fire extinguisher not sure if thats a bug or not.

Thank you for releasing this in public, but some more information about how it works would be nice

You should be able to unless the script broke (which happens sometimes its in alpha for a reason :wink: )
To get it working again you can restart the script using restart firescript in console or you can download a resource management script to restart it from in-game.

yeah it may of broke i know its in alpha. thats why i testing and helping report bugs and making suggestions :slight_smile:

The new update is LIVE

The changes include:

the new feature is a config in the client file that when set to true (it is by default) displays the street name in chat were the fire was seen!

Cleaned code that is way easier to read than before.

A few things that should make the code more efficient.

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well, I figured there would be a lot more ideas and thought on new updates…

I cant stress it enough guys, please give me your ideas so I cam make them a reality in this script, I will try to put EVERY idea in and just make it on or off in the config so users can chose what they want!

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Is it showing for other players now? Sorry, Not near my PC to test lol

I didnt know it wasnt before @DarkWolf2985 according to my testing and the alpha testers the fire has always been visible to everyone who joined the server before the fire was spawned, further testing is required to find out if the fire can be seen by people who joined after the fire spawned.

Right now according to the tests I and the testers have done this new update does in fact sync to all players currently on the server, and should be visible to them as well.

If that is not the case can you please send me some more information such as server type (fx server or cfx) and if you have any other scripts installed that may be messing with the particles used in the script.

Some Ideas
Make possible to extinguish the fire by using a fire extinguisher or a fire truck

A timer that spawns random fire in the map, also it’ll be possible to set our own position to set the fire by using coords (this feature needs to have an Activation/Deactivation, because some people will not use it)

Molotovs spawns fire when thrown (Activation/Deactivation)

Players using firefighter’s models gain less damage or completely not taking it

Vehicles exploding will spawns fire

Airplanes/helicopters will spawns fire once touching the ground

Make it compatible with Apartment, setting houses on fire by an admin permission command ( [Release] Apartment [MySQL & Async](08/17/2017) )

Hope you’ll do those, thanks for creating this script, firefighters in roleplay servers are ignored.


For my Fire server we don’t use anything with particles. And I had 3 people that were in the server at the time of fire spawn and they were not able to see it… (From the version you gave me the other day) I have not updated yet…

One idea that myself and a few firefighters had was when a fire is spawned, have it place a marker on the map as well as announce it in chat. Another thing that I think would be pretty cool, although I’m not sure is possible, is being able to get/refill your fire extinguisher at the fire truck.

This was created for ropleplay server with fire departments, the fire truck and fire extinguisher does work.

cant change the amount of dmg fire does to firefighters its just not something i can do

Vehicles exploding ill look into doing, but we will see if it is possible.

i hope you mean the airplanes and heli’s will spawn fires if crashed

I will look into making it compatible with apartments and very good idea, we will see how it goes.