Hello everyone, I present to you a script with which your players will be able to leave great graffiti all over the city.

Video showcase:

Integration: Script uses FiveM Escrow, in the showcase it works on my server which uses the rewritten VRP. You can load your custom images and configure graffiti removal time


  • Optimized(in action 0.05 ms), in idle 0.01 ms
  • ESX, VRP, QBCORE compability
  • Up to 250 custom graffiti can be loaded
  • They look completely natural
  • Works on OneSync/OneSync Infinity
  • Draggable UI
  • Graffiti remains after restart(you can adjust the number of hours)


  • v1.1.0: New UI, some fixes

Buy it:

My another resources:


is it possible to assign certain graffiti to certain factions that not everyone can spray everything?


yep :mascot:


Looks amazing, but I’m hesitant to buy anything that uses the escrow system.

Why?) If you don’t like something, you can make a refund)

can I take the code and make people do that on floor?

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it’s already supports graffities on floor

can u add your own graffiti?

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yep, but not more than 250 pieces

get they saved? can i make them only removable by command or item? how hard is it to change the framework?

and whats fivem escrow?

ye, they saved, remove i can add in update, api can easily change, fivem escrow and new fivem resource encryption

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thanks. i‘ll get it later. hope it’s easy to setup with QB. looks really good.
nevermind, i thought it was 9.99, haha

Looks nice

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Check new script version, new UI and some fixes:

Two questions before we purchase this, can we restrict players to only seeing certain pictures in terms of being able to paint , for example gangs only seeing what’s available to them etc and can we add our own PNG files to the mix

yes and yes :slight_smile:

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how do i get the item name? Also is there a command to remove spray paint?

check apiExample, and now you can’t remove spray, i add it in next few days


thanks looking forward to the remove, maybe with a sponge or something.

Hi, are you going to add in the next patch the possibility of choosing a language?