[Release][ESX] Inventory HUD - 2.4 (properties, trunks, players, shops, storages ...)

Latest version of original esx_inventoryhud for es_extended version v1.


  • Drag and drop
  • Using items
  • Dropping items
  • Giving items
  • Cash included
  • Accounts support (bank, black money, …)
  • Weapons support
  • esx_property support
  • Easy esx_shops integration
  • Job (society) storages
  • Another players inventory support
  • Fully configurable (check config.lua and html/js/config.js)
  • Locale files included (check locales/ and html/locales/ directories)

Download and install
Source code
Wiki installation guide





Currently includes cash, items and weapons.


For me the screenshot does not load. Feel free to drag and drop the pictures to the topic. You aren’t forced to Upload it to imgur.

Edit: nice screenshots! :slight_smile:

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Just released new version with config and locale files.

So does it not pull anything from server side? How is this all client?

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It just triggers server events from es_extended and uses ESX shared variable :wink:

fair enough

Problem is, where you define all items and their pictures?


You’d add them as png/jpeg, name them the same as ur db items and load them in the resource.lua


You just put the img in the image folder of the item. The items are default to your database. (forgot the resource part :P)

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Thanks for sharing it to the community! :slight_smile:

Its great, can’t wait for the update that allows giving items. Must have!

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What about weapons, how you define them? Suggestion: dragging items off the square will make them drop, that’ll be a nice addon tho XD

Same way as the weapon thats there already.

you would use their spawn names… just name the .png


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awesome script, does it have “give item” option? it could be cool


“More updates like giving items are about to come.”

thanks a lot bro

Hi i just installed on server for a test and its really nice it add to the game i think this is a must to have on all RP servers, i hope you can do more pngs images for wood fish all drinks and so on as you know when doing a job it put in your inventory so more people would down load this if you had more images ok fella but great work keep it up :grinning:

You can easily add your own item images. I highly doubt he will add anymore, as each server as its own items, all different.

Simply make a png, name it the name of the item as it shows in DB, put it in the image folder, add it to the resource