[Release] [ESX] esx_moneywash

Hey everyone i made a moneywash script by changing the ESX_ATM script so credits to the maker

i hope you enjoy it

I made a new script that changes esx_drugs so credits to them, it expands it with 5 types of drugs and add’s a license system for the moneywash and the chemicals conversion and a simple moneywash.

I edited this tread becouse i can’t make a new one becouse i’m not trust level 2, but i just wanted to get this out to you guys

hope you enjoy it


Awesome dude!!! Was about to make one my self so you have saved me some time, thank you.

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This freezes upon pressing the wash button, you can’t exit out of it.

this done fuck all ok so fix it plz

please fix this! ive been looking for something like this for a long time

How do you hide the blip in the config? i cant seem to find it :frowning:

Is this working? When 4/5 people are saying no, I’m hesitant to even bother to add it to my server.

how can you change the rate the changing money?

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is this working?

Doubtful, I didn’t even bother with it. I used a different money wash script that requires an item or in the comments section of that thread there’s an option that allows anyone to do it and you can easily move the blip around to wherever you want it

Lindburg_2020 I hope the new one can suit your needs better :grin:

I’ve been using your money washer. And it gives me a problem, my interface freezes and I don’t wash my money, I have to leave the server because I am disabled

Witch one?

the old one or the new one included with esx_illegal?

I don’t see anything new after inserting the script and running it (esx_illegal)

first of all thank you for the script but I have a question this script is embedded with esx_drug or we must add this script and more?

esx_drugs is embedded in esx_illegal.

esx_illegal = esx_drugs + additions that i made.

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@Xovos Is there any way to hide the blips for the drug sales location?

Nevermind, you just need to set the color to 25.

If you mean the blimps on the map they should be off by default.

the drug dealer and the money wash were not, they were openly visible. Also I was never able to find a way to get down into the moneywash area without teleporting. Is this something you have built in? I just set up some teleporters for the time being. I’ve also run into an issue, I set the use license for moneywash and chemicals to false, but it still tells me I need a license when I go to those locations.