[Release] [ESX] ESX_Cargodelivery

Cargo Delivery

npm version License: MIT

Greetings all,
This is my first contribution to the mod community.


It is a script which lets a citizen buy an illegal cargo from the docks for X amount of black money and rewards him on delivery around the north lake in different sites. At a random time interval a concerned citizen or snitch will inform the police (or other societies if you chose so) of the suspicious vehicle with it’s plate number.

  • 3 cargo levels, which each require different number of cops online and reward increamentally.

Be careful not to get caught!
Chose different routes or you are risking to lose your Cargo!



Using Git


Add this in your server.cfg :

start esx_cargodelivery

Other scripts by me:

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PS: I’d be glad if a mod could push me to the releases section.


Screenshots would be nice :slight_smile:

There is not much to show really because it’s all about the journey/mission, but i updated the post anyways. Anything helps right?

Awesome! But can you tell me why is it blip BASE Jumping??? and I can not change it?

Hi, good job!
How to make the blip not visible?

comment out or remove the blip function right under

-- Create blips

in client/main.lua

Yes I just saw, you have to comment lines 25, 27 and 28 …
Thanks anyway!

After one thing that would be good is that in the trunk of the vehicle there is a props, as his in case of police control the driver can be arrested

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i am getting this error with GCPhone


Hello @ikrazy, I’m not sure this error is related with my script.
In terms of gcphone you need to make sure you have set it up properly and if you are alerting more societies than the police, that you have registered their society number

good idea… me like… i had to create a black money converter dude that charge 10% to wash my black money… that delivery would be an alternative if you wanna earn more than just quickly convert black to clean. Im testing this tonight! Thank you

10% ?? my wash tax is at 30%, if you consider EU tax is close to 20-24%, 30% is not bad. My server is heavily invested around black money though.

well im the architect… i had to create a converter… now there could be a secondary source (delivery)… i could crank up the %… its for when you need FAST quick cash… the % gotta be painfull enough to concider taking the time to waste on a delivery run …

Is there a way to cancel the mission say if the vehicle gets blown up, or the player exits the vehicle after a certain time? Currently the mission is active permanently (at least to my knowledge). Also, I didn’t see any sort of cancel event in the code.

Good observations, i’m working on the next version which will fix most of these stuff and also provide a better end user experience. One thing people also seem concerned about is the fact you lose the vehicle once you arrive at your destination. While it was intended this way to force a cooperative scenario, I’m thinking of applying a “respray and plate number switch” so you can keep the vehicle after delivery, to satisfy solo players also. What do you guys think? any suggestions?

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I like these ideas! Players in my server are looking for different ways of doing things besides running drugs and so on. This will be a definitive addition to my server once all the kinks are worked out. Hats off to you for doing this.

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Make it a config.KeepVehicle = false So this way people who want the car to be gone once sell then they can have it. I prefer that they need to find their own transportation. Just my opinion tho :wink:
I really like this script. Thanks for sharing this.

v1.1 - Cleanup & Various Fixes


  • GPS location gets properly cleaned up.
  • Mission fails if you die.
  • Mission fails if your vehicle gets severely damaged.
  • Mission fails if you take more than 30minutes to delivery the cargo.

The dude gave me the car for the mission… he should get it back upon arrival. i did a 2500 run… all kind of shit happen, was fun… its staying on my server…

if you loose your van / transport once there… its still grand theft auto… we will stole or (like u said) ride with our buddies… [buddies should gladly follow the van if they are in on the black money pool]. On the Other side, maybe its not “real” that you loose the van, but its not real that you win a free car… very nice dealer!

Also i am concidering using cargodelivery and changing the arrival type of money (clean instead of black) like a money laundering options…

Anyway, that mean… Thank you for the script!

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Hey guys, how do I change the reward to cash instead of dirty money?